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Our guarantee is simple:

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with a Silver Creek Guide, you do not have to pay for the service. No argument, only apologies. That goes for merchandise, too. If you are not satisfied, now or in the future, you can expect a prompt exchange or refund.


We operate in partnership with the Bureau of Land management and under a special use permit from the U.S. Forest Service.

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We offer a variety of guided fly fishing packages throughout the year. Whether it's summer-time rainbows, fall browns, winter-time nymphs or midges, or spring steelhead fishing, Silver Creek Outfitters is licensed to guide on all the Sun Valley Area waters.

If it's your first time fishing, brushing up on a few techniques, or a family outing, Silver Creek is staffed with a guide to best suit your needs.

Guided Trip Options

3/4 Day Fishing: Usually 5-6 hours, this service includes the Big Wood River, its tributaries and Silver Creek. $350 per day, 2 anglers per guide. Lunches are not included, but may be purchased by special order ($12/person). Transportation is included.

Full Day Fishing: Covers all our licensed areas. $450 per day, 2 anglers per guide. Includes lunch and transportation.

Evening Fishing: Enjoy some of the finest fishing of the day while you watch the sunset. $325 per evening, 2 anglers per guide. This trip takes place on the Big Wood River and usually lasts about 3 hours. Includes rental gear and transportation. Offered July through September.

Winter Fishing Package: Winter season is from Thanksgiving to March 31. This package for 2 includes rental gear and transportation for $325 per day.

Steelhead: Steelhead season begins in mid-March and runs to the end of April on the upper Salmon River. Full Day trip, $495. Transportation and lunch included.

Drift Boat Fishing: New service! Over 60-plus miles of water along the Salmon River.  Full Day trips, $495 for 1 or 2 anglers. Transportation and lunch included.

What's Included

  • Transportation in your guide's vehicle will be provided as part of the guide fee. You are welcome to use your own vehicle as well.
  • All flies will be provided by your guide.
  • The guide fee is for two anglers. A third person may be included for an additional $125 by request. There is a two person limit per guide on Silver Creek and on steelhead trips.
  • Float tubes are included if needed.
  • Lunches are included on full-day trips.
  • Lunches are available by special order for 3/4 day trips at $15 per person.

What you'll need

Any angler over age 14 must have a license . Please visit the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to find out more about how to obtain a license.

License Options

  • Non-resident 1-Day, $12.75
  • Additional days (must be bought consecutively with 1-Day license), $6.00/day
  • Non-resident Season, $98.25
  • Resident Season, $25.75

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