The Big Lost below the dam has been the most consistent of all our fisheries. There are still BWO’s in sizes 18-24 and on the right day which is usually clouds you can see some very good dry fly fishing. I like Hackle Stackers and Gulpher Specials on top and a Harrop CDC emerger for those fish feeding on the emergers. Midges will be important for the rest of the winter months and a Trailing Shuck Midge in a size 20-22 will take fish on the top. I also like brassies and midge biots in smaller sizes for nymph fishing along with the usual assortment of Zebras and rainbow Warriors. The best fishing is in the afternoons in the warmest part of the day. Trail creek Summit is still open but at some point this road will be closed because of snow.

The Big Wood River is another local option. The fishing has been slow but with the leaf hatch almost done expect to see midges and BWO’s for the next couple of weeks. I also like streamers and Zebras when there are know visable hatches and feeding fish.

Silver Creek is hit and miss. The Brown trout spawn is almost over and expect some dry fly fishing through the end of November when the Creek closes for the winter. A good technique right now is a dry with a small nymph off the back a couple of feet. Many times the fish will respond to the small emerger off the back and other times the dry fly indicator will produce.

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