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So Long Summer My Friend

Summer you have always been a great friend. You provide the conditions for the majority of my favorite things to do. Although you can be a bit harsh at times, (when you run a temperature into the triple digits) your twilight hours always seem to smooth things over.

Getting out to camp with light gear and sometimes no tent at all is fantastic. The smell of ponderosa bark, pitch, and needles warming and cooling each day is as fragrant as fine perfume.

Warm days with you are the best for float trips, and who can deny the pleasure of leaving the waders at home in favor of simple wet wading? Your long days and climbing sun bring all of us anglers the majority of insects hatches that make fly fishing really hum and pick up tempo.

We’ve always appreciated your days long enough to accommodate legitimate after work trips to the ditch. Whats not to love about having time to fish 5 hours on a weekday? In my opinion nothing beats your stunning light for making photographs look great. Here’s to long days, long drifts, and long fish!

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