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Why Catch & Release Matters

By September 15, 2011 2 Comments

There are pros and cons to most any regulation. Here is an example of one benefit of releasing fish in good condition.
Last summer this gorgeous brown slurped my low-riding terrestrial along a shaded bank of overhanging willows. He fought hard, and took me down stream and around a corner in order to land him.

Over a year later, (just a few weeks ago) I was fishing the exact same bank, drifting my fly along the exact feature of overhanging willows when a nice sized fish climbed onto my fly. At the time I didn’t think anything of if, the long section of prime shade typically produces several fish and this day was no exception. The fish fought hard, and again took me for a walk down and around the corner to a shallow inside shelf where I could gain enough control to land the fish.  I started to think the scenario seemed familiar, and the fish closely resembled the fish of  last summer who took me down to this same spot, so I snapped this photo. Sure enough, the single spot on the adipose fin was the first indication this is the same fish. Another glance at the two images confirmed all the spots matched, and this fish was indeed my new buddy.

It takes several years for a trout to mature, and any given fishery can only produce so many  adult fish. By releasing fish unharmed, we as users of the river and it’s resources are sustaining not only quality fish, but also quality fishing opportunities for ourselves and others. It’s just a win-win in my book. I think my brown trout buddy here would agree, and I know exactly where to find him for our next visit.

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  • I remember a tiny story related to fishing when I was a little girl. It was in rainy season and it rained for almost everyday. I was visiting my relatives who lived quite far from the city, a suburb area, actually. In front of the house, there was a strange dry long canal and a wooden small bridge. I have always wondered what it was for and then, after a few days of constant raining that I realized “ahhh… now it is a actually a water-filled canal!” It was for fishing. It was such an amazing experience for me to go fishing in such a small stream of water! I mean, where did the fish come from? Was the canal connected to any river? Even there were many questions in my head, I did not ask. I just went with the flow, sit on the wooden bridge, holding the old-fashioned fishing equipment which was an old long piece of bamboo stick, hooked with a worm as a bait. There were 5of us, my brother and I, cousins and my daddy. He taught us how to do the fishing. It was quite boring at first but suddenly, my cousin screamed out loud with joy and said “I got one! I got a fish!”. My eyes were wide opened to see a fish hooked up. I was not happy,though. It seems like I was hurting the fish and the fish does not deserve this. So, I asked my dad if we could let it go back to the water and he agreed. Hence, we just sit there playing around, fishing and letting the fish back into where it was. It was a great day,though. I am also finding a place to start this joyful activity,too and waiting for the answers from other people just like Mister ambassador. Thank you for reading my childhood story. It is kind of childish but it was so much fun and I just wanted to share. Thanks again,

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