Keep That Dry Fly Floating & Visible, Powder It Again!!!

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Frog's Fanny Flotant & Dry Shake

Many anglers overlook the importance of repetitive floatant treatments to their fly while fishing. Most often, a fisherman will casually apply some liquid floatant (usually too much), powder the fly with Frogs Fanny or Dry Shake and then call it good. It is only after the fly becomes wet and saturated, breaks off or is changed, that many anglers finally apply another dressing.

My suggestion to all our guests is to apply a small amount of liquid floatant initially, and then meticulously powder the fly every few casts. You can even re-apply after every cast if you are working on a selective Silver Creek brown trout. Try to do this before you decide your pattern isn’t working, the silhouette and high visibility will revitalize it, making it look outstanding to a feeding fish. As a guide I go through more bottles of Dry Shake and Frogs Fanny than anything else, because it makes a difference. I can’t tell you how many times a freshly powdered fly is taken over a fly that was dressed only 10 casts earlier. Just remember, only apply the liquid floatant once, and use it sparingly, too much will mat the fly and it will lose structure.

So next time you find yourself struggling during a winter midge hatch or while fishing to a picky bruiser, take a minute to powder your fly, you will catch more fish!

Guide Bobby Foster

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