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It’s in his veins!

The Brown Drake hatch on the Harriman’s Ranch of the Henry’s Fork is as good as it gets for Brent.

Brent Lawson grew up in Newport Beach, California, but has been a Sun Valley angler since the age of four.  Fishing is what lured his family to the area, and his childhood summers were spent knee deep with a fly rod in hand. In fact, his first fishing memory is wearing his mother’s gardening boots and being lifted in his fishing vest by his father into the water. “I had no idea what I was doing but I was out there till after dark with my father watching trout feed on the evening caddis. I loved every minute of it”

From this humble introduction, Brent’s passion for fishing has exploded, taking him all over the world, meeting some of the most unique people along the way.  As rivers, and particularly spring creeks, continue to run through his veins, he will never forget his first experiences in the local waters with a fly rod. It is precisely THIS that energizes Brent to share the sport and the area with our guests, hoping they too become inspired by the solitude and pure joy that come in catching trout on the fly. The perfect ending to a day is with a cold beer retelling tales with a great crew of friends, those of old and new!

The rivers and streams of the area got into his veins, as is it apt to do, and now he is thankful for his slightly-less-than-glamorous introduction to fly fishing.  He loves sharing the sport and the area with our guests who he knows, will also get… hooked.  Ending a perfect day on the river with a cold beer in the back of a truck with a great crew of friends old and new.

Guiding Style

Teacher. Brent is great at teaching casting techniques, reading water, knots, fly selection, and whatever else will help a client have that magic moment of hooking a trout.

Fun Facts about Brent

  • Brent’s favorite breed of dog is a bulldog. As a Yale University alum, he doesn’t have much choice in the matter.
  • Dry fly fishing to rising rainbows on the Harriman’s Ranch of the Henry’s Fork is as good as it gets for Brent.
  • Two weeks of his senior year in college were spent collecting data and ostensibly researching the economic value of the recreational fishery in Belize. “I think I spent a lot more time fishing than analyzing data,” he laughed.
  • When he’s not fishing, Brent is an avid road biker, spear fisherman, guitar player, reader, writer and enjoys spending quality time with his family.
What folks say about fishing with Brent

Brent Lawson is an exceptional guide, experienced and attentive. He spent time with both my grandson Oliver Johnson and me in instruction, particularly roll-casting. This experience was Ollie's first visit to Silver Creek, one he will fondly remember.

Roger DeBard and Oliver Johnson

Brent was great!
Have the guides set up to receive Venmo for their tip. That way they can get their tip right away without having to pay cash...