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Fly Fishing Guide

"Enjoy the process and be in the moment"

If you’ve ever perused the vast selection of enticing and proven fly patterns available at Silver Creek Outfitters, you may have wondered where all these eye- (and trout) catching collections of feathers, fur, and thread come from. Well, some of the most effective patterns in the case are tied by SCO’s very own guide extraordinaire, Bryan Hostetler. In fact, tying flies and creating new or improved patterns is Bryan’s favorite hobby.

In fact, tying flies and creating new or improved patterns is Bryan’s favorite hobby. This makes sense as fishing is what brought this Oregon native to Idaho, and fishing is why he stayed. Like many expert anglers, his first experiences of trying to get a fish on a line were a little less sophisticated than his current rig. Bryan recalls catching panfish with a stick of bamboo and a string. It wasn’t terribly effective, but it was enough to ‘hook’ him for life.

Guiding Style

Teacher. “I love the educational part of guiding. If you’re a good teacher your guests can succeed even when you’re not with them. ”

Fun Facts about Bryan

  • He is a self-described gardening ‘freak’.
  • Bryan’s favorite part of guiding is seeing the river through someone else’s eyes.
  • The end to a perfect day fishing is “a feeling of being grateful, blessed to live in such a beautiful place, and thankful for being able to share a drink with great people!”
  • His favorite hatch? Pseudo Baetis, size 26 tan Baetis spent. “It’s not for everyone!

Nobody knows Silver Creek, ties the size and shades of flies specific to Silver Creek or can pull fish out of the Creek better than Bryan. He’s the BEST guide I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with and, as you know, I’ve been with more than a few of your staff.