Certified Fly Casting Instructor

Mastering every element

“It can be a complicated sport and there’s a lot to learn. I love teaching our guests whether they are novices or have years of experience. There’s always something new to master.”

If you’re too busy to fish,

then you’re too busy!

Butch Harper is an Idahoan through and through. Born in Rupert, he left for a bit to attend Western State College in Colorado, but returned in 1957 to work on the Sun Valley Ski Patrol. He began fishing as a boy and recalls riding with his father on one bike to the Snake River in search of wily carp.

Guiding Style

A teacher.

Fun Facts about Butch

  • He worked for 30 years with US Forest Service where he was responsible for most of the trail development on the Ketchum Ranger District. We all owe him a big thank you!
  • Butch is very fastidious. After a day of fishing, he likes to go home and clean up all his gear. Only then does he treat himself to a beer in the shade of his favorite tree.
  • His favorite hatch is the Pale Morning Dun. Butch calls it a “nice size bug that the fish love.”
  • When he is not on the river, Butch enjoys hiking with his wife and their two wired-hair pointers.
  • In the fall, you can find Butch hunting birds.