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Fly Fishing Guide

Chasing Promises

“Chase the unknown in rivers and streams; I promise they won’t disappoint you.”

I’m inspired by regular people making their dreams come true. That sounds cheesy, but I don’t subscribe to the idea of “the bucket list”. If there’s something you really want to do , then get out and do it! No one is guaranteed another day.

When I was younger I first learned of the Frank Church Wilderness, I knew someday I wanted to live in Idaho. The opportunities and adventures here are endless.

Guiding Style

My guide style is easy-going. I want people to have fun, learn a little, and connect with nature. If more people connect with the nature around them, then maybe we can show them why public land and wild fish are so important to all of us.

Fun Facts about Jacklyn

  • I was born and raised in Oklahoma
  • I live in a 10’ X 6’ camper
  • I’ve lived in 6 different states in the last four years
  • My favorite hatch is the Yellow Sally hatch
  • I’m classically trained in piano
What folks say about fishing with Jacklyn

Jacklyn did a fabulous job! Particularly with my wife!


I have had better fishing other times, but have never had a better experience with a guide. Bret is first class in every way. Fishing with Bret was the main highlight and was also quite surprised about the good fishing on the Big Wood.

Joe Barberio

Best day on the creek ever.

Steve Strandberg

Watching my Dad get into lots of quality fish. Brett intuitively knows who needs to see early success and support and makes that happen as first order of business.


She was absolutely amazing!