Certified Casting Instructor

“I think if you want to be a great guide you have to be a teacher who is attuned to the importance of catching fish. Rarely do I guide a trip that doesn’t incorporate sharing and teaching opportunities for not only fishing, but for plants, geology and even local gossip. The teaching may be formal or more subtle, but it’s hard not to learn something on the river every time you go out.”

Good things come 

to those who love the outdoors.

Julie Meissner is the product of a family who loved the outdoors. Born and raised in Central Oregon, her father was ski school director at Mt. Bachelor, her mother taught all kinds of outdoor classes and Julie was raised ski racing with her siblings. Summers were spent on Odell Lake where her family operated a boat marina and days were spent working with some time off for waterskiing, hiking and fishing. Her first fishing memory is of throwing a line off a dock with periwinkles (otherwise known as caddis larvae)

for whitefish when she was only three or four years old. She graduated to loving to fool fish with a well tied fly and a fly rod..   She loves to guide the waters north of Ketchum in the Stanley basin, but it was our amazing powder that brought Julie to Idaho as a backcountry ski guide. She planned to stay one winter in the Stanley area but has been here since 1982; a story familiar to many transplanted locals.

Guiding Style


Fun Facts about Julie

    • Julie built a house in Oregon from the ground up and it was so fun and interesting, that she did it again when she moved to Idaho.
    • Back-country skiing, backpacking, gardening and spending time with her husband are her favorite ways to spend her down time.
    • Julie loves to combine floating and fishing, but a high mountain lake runs a close second.
    • Before Julie fell in love with the rivers she was a wilderness ranger for seven years and a helitack wild-land firefighter for three years.
What folks say about fishing with Julie

Fishing quality was not good due to heat and low water. However, trip was a good time. We’ll definitely fish with her again.

Joe Chlebowski

Julie is a wonderful person and a wonderful guide. I'll use her again.


Julie is exceptional and great company. There is a reason this is not the first time I've fished with her.
We caught some large fish. That always makes for a good day.
My son was very appreciative of what she taught him. She knows every inch of the Salmon.


Julie is wonderful. Not only is she experienced and knowledgeable, but also thoughtful, kind and considerate, as well as a great coach and teacher. It is amazing how she manages to handle the boat, direct and guide the fishermen, carry a conversation, and everything else that needs to be done all at the same time and seamlessly.


We look forward to being with Julie each year. We enjoy all of your guides but have a special relationship with her. It’s more than the fishing, it’s just her personality and how she relates to us.

Pat and Joan Morton

Guide Julie is a cheerful, sharing, diligent hardworking guide. Each morning before we went out she scouted the river. I had two rods. She always rigged ahead and I was able to fish every moment we were at the water. I highly recommend her as a guide.

Mike Mott

Julie is a skilled guide and patient teacher. She knows the water like the back of her hand, and she clearly describes how to fish each hole, run and eddy. Her calm demeanor and encouraging attitude make for a wonderful day on the water.


ulie was excellent we enjoyed the experience with her very much. She was knowledgeable and a joy to work with. Very patient in her teaching methods. We had a lovey time on the river with Julie.