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Master Casting Instructor

Casting the one of the funnest shows on the river

“We guides are unrepentant pitchmen and women for the sport, especially for beginners. Given a choice between having my guests catch fish or learn fly-fishing, I’ll take both. Certainly catching is the easiest way for our guests to determine, ‘this is fun!’ but learning makes the point, ‘I can do this!’”

“Fly fishing may be considered the most

beautiful of all rural sports.”

~Frank Forester,

The Wild West runs through Mark Milkovich’s veins. Born and raised in Montana, he is the great-grandson of homesteaders. His great-grandmother had a mine prop business – cutting posts and beams for the local mine tunnels. She also had a bootleg distillery until the local law shut her down. Oh yes, she also had 11 children. His great-grandma on the other side has Manifest Destiny credibility, too. As an infant, she rode into Deadwood on lap of Calamity Jane who was driving the stagecoach. True.

Mark and his wife came to Sun Valley by more conventional means, choosing a second home where his wife loved to ski,

he loved to fish and that their daughter and her family would frequently visit. Mark’s favorite guiding trips are those he shares with veterans in the Wounded Warrior program. “As a boy, I helped my wheelchair-bound uncle, a navy veteran, enjoy a few days of fishing each year, the best days of the years for him,” explained Mark. “These young people who have lost athletic abilities as a result of war injuries recapture some of those abilities when they cast, hook or land a fish on their own. To see them recognize that their situation can improve is the best of days!”

Guiding Style


Fun Facts about Mark

    • Limited to a single hatch, he’d take midges. He also thinks they are the perfect entry bug for aspiring fly-tyers.
    • Time not spent actually fishing is devoted tying flies, casting practice, checking hatches and stream flows. You might say Mark is singular-minded.
    • Mark’s favorite ending to a day on the river is the sound of the stream in his memory as he hits the hay.
    • Mark’s first fishing memory is of using a Shakespeare fiberglass rod with metal ferrules, automatic fly reels and fly lines designated by letters of the alphabet rather than numbers. His father cast his line onto the Madison River and hooked the fish. Mark landed it.

Mark Milkovish's performance as a guide was masterful. He managed to keep the rather anxious and uptight angler occupied and happy while he spent most of his time patiently showing the newbie how to do it. Everybody caught fish!