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Ritchie is rich with answers – if you’re fishing for them

“If someone is serious about fly fishing, there is so much that can be learned with practice and information – casting, knots, insect identification. The hook-set, playing, fighting and releasing a fish can only happen if you are catching or getting opportunities to do so. It’s a balance between teaching and doing.”

Many men go fishing all their lives without

knowing it is not fish they are after.”

~Henry David Thoreau

This local Idaho boy grew up outside of Boise in Meridian, attended the University of Idaho and moved to Ketchum two days after graduation. The area’s rivers, streams and mountains proved irresistible. In the 1970s, Ritchie’s parents used to take the kids and pack a 100-pound military grade inflatable raft

all over the alpine lakes in the Sawtooth Valley. Their goal? Catching cutthroats. Ritchie’s life was permanently changed by fishing when he met his future wife on the S-turns on Silver Creek in 2001.

Guiding Style


Fun Facts about Ritchie

  • He was a self-described “gear head” as a kid. “If it had a motor, I would race it.”
  • Balancing a baseball hat on the bridge of his nose is Ritchie’s go-to party trick.
  • His favorite pattern is any fly that works and “not a soul in sight to see it.”
  • Ritchie’s favorite ending to a day on the river? Taking his wife and daughter, Ruby Lou, to scout water for the next day.
What folks say about fishing with Ritchie

Ritchie has been a family friend since he was two years old or so. He and my son grew up together and Greg was with me on Sat. Great day as always. Ritchie is much liked by RR Members even though he may not have guided them. Everyones favorite.

Scott Nelson

Always great. Fun and exciting day. Great guide: great fishing.