Certified Fly Casting Instructor

Chasing Daylight

“I like winter, but days are short. I love summer! Our summer season collides with some of the best weather in the west. There’s not another place I rather be chasing daylight.”

Silver Creek’s Brown Drake Hatch should be considered

He thinks the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Best thing about fishing …It always takes you to a place that is candy for your eyes and food for your soul

Woodward Gardiner, aka “Skooter” was born in Sun Valley, and the day after college graduation a current like spring runoff brought him back.  His proverbial river of life slowed down in a few spots long enough to include four years of North Carolina boarding school (thankfully the headmaster was a fly fisherman too) and time growing up between the ocean and hills of Ventura County, CA. One thing has been constant, he’s been in Sun Valley every summer since he was born, and he can’t remember when he didn’t have a fishing pole in his hand.

He met his wife, Nina, while guiding on the Middle Fork.  Three children (13, 11, 3) compliment their busy and active lives.  In the winter he works on the Sun Valley Ski Patrol and holds the Snow Safety Director’s position.  His international travels have taken him to many destinations both freshwater and salt.  Most memorable is always the most recent – but ask him about his recent fishing trip to Slovenia with Nina.

Guiding Style

Let’s go fishing!

Fun Facts about Skooter

  • He directed Silver Creek Outfitter’s international fly fishing program for seven years, fishing some of the world’s most storied waters with fascinating people and top guides.
  • His favorite end to a hot summer day on the river is: “A cold beer while sitting on the tailgate, basking in some evening light and soaking up the wild Idaho scenery.”
  • He thinks Silver Creek’s Brown Drake Hatch should be considered the Eighth Wonder of the World.
What folks say about fishing with Skooter

Loved Skooter! Would have liked to catch bigger fish but could have been our lack of experience.


Scooter is awesome. Very personable, friendly, and puts the client first.

Peter Neumann

Skooter made every minute of the trip enjoyable and interesting. The Best guide!

James Burke

Skooter was amazing!


We have been fishing with Brett and Scooter in a long time and they know what we like. It is always an amazing experience with them and they’re wonderful guides and great friends. We look forward to seeing them every year.


We fished 3 days with Brett and Scooter. My husband, children and I have fished many years with them both. We have fished many rivers and always have adventures fishing our favorite Idaho rivers with Brett and Scooter. Our expectation every time is big fish and lots of them! Also, many stories and laughter!


The guides were particularly helpful with waders (selection, dressing) and helping us with wading, crossing streams, and up and down banks. We all have varying degrees of disability (knees, neck, balance) and Kent and Scooter made sure that we always had support. They worked hard to find the best fishing options for us.

Mary Jo Buckwalter