Pulling Fly Line

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There are certain things that veteran anglers do without thinking about it. Really cool tricks that over time simply become habit. Here is one of the little things that can make landing and releasing a fish a bit more streamlined.

Depending on the length of leader you are fishing, often times when landing a fish you end up with the fly line reeled clear up into the tip of the rod in order to get the fish close enough to hand or net. What comes next is a little pro maneuver that if you pay attention you will notice saves a bit of gong show antics. As soon as the fish is under control, pull a big long strip of line back off the reel so that there is enough slack to set the rod down or on the bank, under your arm, wherever. This additional slack in the line will allow you to unhook, & release the fish without the rod interfering in the transaction.

I’ve seen plenty of rods broken and flies sunk into fingers due to a rod “loaded” by a short amount of line and a flopping fish. It may take a few fish to get into the groove, but once you do I hope you will find the extra slack helpful.

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