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Fly Fishing Forecast June17 to 24th‏

By June 17, 2015April 14th, 2018No Comments

Fly fishing is as much an affair of gestures as tactics.” ~Christopher Camuto
Fly Fishing Forecast June 17th to June 24th.

Two anglers with the same gear, from the rod, the line, the tippet, right down to the fly, can have a completely different experience on the same water and the same day, even if they are fishing the same tactics. There is a subtlety to fly fishing that transcends tactics and luck. Whether that be a slight gesture of the hand to impart a movement to the fly or a barely perceptible hesitation that induces a sudden strike, fishing comes down to intangibles. The best anglers from around the world all speak the same language, but without words. This week in Jajce, Bosnia, the World Championships of Fly Fishing are taking place. One of our Guides, Bret Bishop, is representing the USA as Team Captain. May he and the competitors find the right tactics, and gestures, to help them be successful!

SCO Guide Bret Bishop (far right) once again represents Team USA. Good luck Bret!

It has been a typical June on the Creek with some days producing excellent bug activity, and others not. If you go into the Pond section, have a good selection of Calibaetis, and for the upper reaches, there can be some PMD action with a few Green Drakes in the mix. Always have Baetis no matter where you fish. We have a great selection of flies to cover all these hatches, so drop by the shop before heading down.

The Wood is dropping and beginning to clear. North of town, around Hulen Meadows, Lake Creek and all the way up to Baker Creek, there are places you can find to present a fly. Still, the water is a bit high to wade comfortably, so exercise caution. Below the Warm Springs confluence, we are within a week or so of this becoming very fishable.

A few Stoneflies have been spotted and this hatch could really get going over the next few weeks. The flows are still at 1600 CFS which is ideal for drift boats and rubber rafts. While you can find the occasional fish eating caddis or baetis, the best tactic is still nymphing. Cover the riffles and runs with Rubber Legged Stones and other traditional stonefly patterns, as well as San Juan Worms, Caddis Larva, beaded PTs and Zebra Midge is effective.

It is time to take the family to Lake Creek, Penny Lake, or Gaver’s Lagoon. All the ponds have been stocked and will receive regular stockings throughout the summer season. Whatever style of fishing you want to do, we are your headquarters. So drop on by before you take your family fishing and we will make sure you have the right gear to be successful.

This river is ready to float with flows around 1,700 CFS! And the big Stoneflies are out and about. If you like drifting down a river, tossing big bugs to the bank, then give us a call and we will take care of you.

With flows at 560 CFS, this fishery is too high to fish right now. We should see flows drop in early July.

This area follows the same pattern as the Wood, and should be fishable towards the end of the month.


Big Wood

Silver Creek

The Big Lost

South Fork of the Boise

726 cfs

81 cfs

511 cfs

1,610 cfs