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Why Choose Silver Creek Outfitters?

The Difference

Since the early 1960s Silver Creek Outfitter’s has had a tradition of service. Every member of the Silver Creek Outfitters family understands that our success depends on your continued interest and satisfaction. There is a strong sense of purpose amongst Silver Creek employees to help our guests understand and enjoy everything that the Sun Valley lifestyle offers.

Fly fishing is the center of our universe, and it is our greatest passion to share what we know about it with you. From novice to expert, young to old, our staff is trained to tailor the Silver Creek Outfitter’s experience to you. Whether you want to learn how to fly fish, or you simply want to fish better, our exceptional guide staff is eager to teach you. With 28 Certified Casting Instructors and four Master Casting Instructors, we are proud to have quite possibly the best guide staff on the planet. Intimidated? Don’t be. We’re here to help you, teach you and become life-long friends.

Passion is what holds us together. A passion for the Sun Valley area and everything it has to offer. A passion to learn more about fly fishing, the outdoors and each other. It is our greatest goal to discover better ways to help share these experiences with you.

We’re proud, but humble. We’re happy, but never satisfied with the status quo. We are constantly looking for ways to grow, engage and delight. We understand that customer service lies in the eyes of the beholder. Come experience the Silver Creek Outfitter’s lifestyle for yourself.

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