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Make sure you have what you need

Waders & Boots


Even though neoprene may seem warmer, breathable waders will let your sweat evaporate and keep you warmer than the much more restrictive neoprene.

Wading Boots
Boots that fit snug will make your feet colder faster. Wear boots that are a half size too big and you’ll get more circulation in your feet. Remember that the water pressure squeezes boots even tighter when wading. Vibram rubber soled boots are suggested for local waters like Silver Creek. The transmission of invasive species is a serious concern and all wading gear should be properly cleaned before moving between river drainages.


Upper Body Wear

Start with a lightweight long sleeve shirt, preferably a quick drying material. Simms, Ex Officio and Cloudveil make excellent shirts for fishing and other outdoor activities. Be prepared to layer with a sweatshirt or fleece for cool mornings and evenings. Have a rain jacket for occasional summer thunderstorms. Sun gloves are optional.

Lower Body Wear

Quick drying shorts are perfect for wet wading on hot summer days. Quick drying pants also work well and protect legs from the sun and the bushes. Both can be worn comfortably under waders. Anglers fishing Silver Creek will want to wear a fleece pant under their waders throughout the season. Even on the hottest days, anglers float tubing The Creek will get chilled.

Polarized Sun Glasses

Polarized glasses may be the most important piece of equipment an angler takes with them on the water besides a rod and reel. Polarized glasses protect eyes from harsh sunlight, harmful UV rays and inadvertent casts. By cutting out more refracted light, polarized sunglasses allow anglers to see into the water and also help see their flies on or in the water.

Sun Protection


A lightweight hat with a bill to shade the eyes and face is a must. In addition to protection from the sun, hats help shade our eyes for better vision.


Sunscreen is a must – do not forget to put this on! Due to our altitude and the extra light bouncing off the water, the sun’s rays are extra strong and harmful. Use SPF 30+ on your face and re-apply as the day goes on. It is also a good idea to use lip balm with SPF for sun and wind protection.

Insect Repellent

Depending on snow pack, temperature, and rainfall, biting insects can vary from year to year, so it is best to be protected when and where you can. Ex-Officio has a strong line of clothing and accessories, “Insect Shield” that helps to repel almost every pesky insect. You can also use basic bug spray to ward off unwanted bites.