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We believe people can only achieve big things by having a great team to work with.

TerryRing-Silver Creek Guide -2021

Terry Ring

Owner | Men's Buyer

Susie Ring

Women’s Buyer | Jewelry Buyer

Hunting Department | Sun Valley Idaho | Silver Creek Outfitters | Gary Caldwell

Gary Caldwell

Gun Guy | Hunting Department

How did you come to live in Sun Valley?
Sun Valley is the best place on earth for everything I love to do!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I live to be outside exploring. Hiking, and hunting. I specialize in high mountain elk and mule deer but I love it all.

Sue Lecomte

Shipping & Receiving

Silver Creek Outfitters Team

Barb Cordeau


What gets you excited about your role at Silver Creek Outfitters?
I love problem-solving and coordinating projects
How did you come to Sun Valley?
I came to SV to follow my passion for skiing and fell in love with the area and lifestyle
Heather Stanton | Silver Creek Outfitters | Womenswear

Heather Stanton

Retail Associate

Heather Stanton’s attention to detail, style, keen eye, and great suggestions are familiar to many Silver Creek Outfitters’ shoppers. Her favorite part of working in the women’s retail division? “The people! I enjoy being part of the SCO sales team but I equally love interacting with our customers. Every day is different and that is what keeps things interesting for me,” she said. Heather moved to the Wood RiverValley in spring of 2000, arriving Memorial Day weekend to help re-open and manage the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store in Ketchum for some close friends from Park City but her first trip to Sun Valley was in 1995. She remembered, “I tagged along on a ski trip with my brother and his friends, we skied Baldy and danced to live music at the Mint!”

Fun facts about Heather:
• She has two pet donkeys in Ireland, Gracie and Greacie.
• Her favorite things to do on her day off: hiking, biking, nordic skiing and working out. “I really enjoy being active and love being outdoors. The Wood River Valley is such a beautiful area with endless opportunities.”
• Originally from Park City, Utah, Heather attended school at Salt Lake Community College.
• Both of her parents were born and raised in Park City and she still considers herself a true "Park City local."

Fly Fishing Guide | Sun Valley Idaho | Silver Creek Outfitters | Jacklyn Highfill

Jacklyn Highfill

Buyer | Fly Fishing Guide | Retail Associate

Though Jacklyn Highfill is a familiar face at Silver Creek Outfitters and has been with the team for five years both in the shop and guiding, this is her first year working as the Fly Tackle Buyer and she’s excited to move into this role. She loves to fish, in fact fly fishing is what brought her to Idaho. As for working at SCO, she said, “I love the people I work with. It makes such a big difference in a work environment to actually enjoy the company of your co-workers. We're lucky to have that here.”

Fun Facts about Jacklyn:
• She was born and raised in Oklahoma. And her first memory of Sun Valley ties back to her roots. She said, “Being from Oklahoma, I love a good thunderstorm. My first week in Sun Valley it stormed every day for a week. I think about that week a lot actually, because in the five years since then it's only stormed about twice!”
• She is classically trained in piano.
• Being outside makes Jacklyn happiest and her summers are spent fishing, hiking, and gardening when she isn’t at SCO assisting guests.

Breanna Glahn

Buyer | Retail Associate

What gets you excited about your role?
I love meeting new people. Our customers live incredible lives and have incredible stories. They are so inspiring and truly great people.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Garden. It’s the best therapy in the world. It’s a great way to get sunshine and get out with the family.

Les Curvey

Retail Associate

Les Curvey is not only an avid fisherman for his own enjoyment, he is also a volunteer for Idaho 2 Fly, a nonprofit organization created to help and support men with cancer through fly fishing activities. Check out whose mission statement states, “Idaho2Fly uses fly fishing and related activities to bring men with cancer together, providing support, education and community to improve their outlook on life. Our fly fishing retreats, and all post-retreat activities are offered expense free to men with any type of cancer in all stages of treatment and recovery.” Les first discovered the beauty and serenity of Idaho’s trout waters when he organized a meeting in Sun Valley for the sales team of his Massachusetts-based company. Ever since, the lure of area drew him nearer and nearer until he finally decided to move here! He recently joined the Silver Creek team and said he is excited to share his love of fly fishing with guests.

Fun Facts about Les:
• Les is a Midwesterner who grew up in Missouri and Illinois.
• He graduated from Illinois State – go Redbirds!
• After selling his business headquartered in New England, Les took a management role for the parent company with sales responsibilities for the Northwest.
• Most of his free time is spent fly fishing, mountain biking, and playing golf.

Lillian Brunacini

Retail Associate

If you’re in need of some retail therapy, Lillian Brunacini will be delighted to help you select the perfect sweater, dress, shoes, jacket, piece of jewelry … you name it. Lillian hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is a rising junior at Boston College in the Carroll School of Management. She is studying Finance, Accounting, and French. Fishing brought Lillian to Sun Valley. Her father started fishing local waters when he was in college and, like so many, kept coming back and eventually stayed! Lillian said she is happy every day that her family chose Ketchum over all other western mountains towns.

Fun facts about Lillian:
• Her most vibrant early memory of Sun Valley is of a run she took on the Wood River Trail. “I was shocked at how beautiful every second of that run was,” she recalled.
• She has had a motorcycle license since she was fourteen years old.
• Still a runner, when she’s not working, Lillian likes to hit the trails with her mom, fish with her dad, and hike and bike.
• Working at SCO is like a homecoming for Lillian. She said, “Every time we went into Silver Creek Outfitters when I was younger, it was always such a pleasant experience. I noticed how happy everyone was in a place that fostered different hobbies and passions. I was drawn to work at Silver Creek Outfitters because I wanted to be apart of the team that makes that happen.”

StoddardRowley-Silver Creek Guide -2021

Stodd Rowley

Store Manager | Fly Fishing Guide

Kate Chandler

Buyer | Retail Associate

Kate Chandler started skiing in Sun Valley when she was three years old and her family was visiting from their home in Lakewood, WA. And though she is a true mountain girl, Kate took a big detour away from the Pacific Northwest when her family moved to Europe for 18 months when she was nine. They lived outside of Florence in Imprunetta and came home fluent in Italian! Kate has worked at Silver Creek Outfitters for three years as a retail associate. In addition, she helps with the online store, assists the women’s buyer, and is the buyer of sunglasses and logo wear. Kate is knowledgeable about everything SCO and a great resource. She said, “I love the team that I work with and our work environment. I enjoy being able to talk with customers about the things and the places I enjoy the most to better help them discover all that this valley holds.”

Fun Facts about Kate:
• Go Huskies!
• Kate’s father worked in Sun Valley after college, which gave her the idea to follow in his footsteps after she graduated.
• Her first memory of the area is of catching minnows at Redfish Lake with her butterfly net.
• When she was younger, Kate wanted to be a professional ballerina and attended dance class six days a week, 12 months a year starting at age five. She was accepted into Pacific Northwest Ballet School in Seattle, where she trained to be a pre-professional ballerina from age 12 until she was 19.
• Kate loves to do everything with her dogs -- hike, garden, fish, ski, forage, go for boat rides, and camp.

Joe McKinnon

Hunting Department

KoKo Furlong

Retail Associate

Sam Ernst | Silver Creek Guide | 2021

Sam Ernst

Fly Fishing Guide | Retail Associate

Sam Ernst is new to the Silver Creek family and happy to be here. You will meet Sam on the floor, doing, as he said, “Whatever is pertinent to the moment!” Have a question about flies? Sam can help. Would you like to book a guide trip? Find the perfect gift? Sam will prove invaluable. He also prides himself on making sure the retail floor is always beautifully orderly. Sam grew up in Walnut Creek, California, and moved to Colorado for college, graduating with a degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Biology from Colorado State University in 2018. After earning his degree, Sam accepted a Fisheries Technician position with Idaho Fish and Game to work at Hayspur Fish Hatchery. He said, “Being able to fish and recreate in ecosystems ranging from high desert sage to the high alpine on any given day made the decision to move to Idaho an easy one!”

Fun facts about Sam:
• He has two little sisters who he said make him very proud.
• His first memory of Idaho? A moose standing in Loving Creek when he drove up the Hatchery driveway for the very first time. He quickly learned the moose had the right of way.
• Sam spent six months traveling through New Zealand, living in a “minivan of questionable fortitude.” There, he spent most days fishing, hiking, and meeting great people. He is beyond thankful for his time there.
• On his days off, Sam will do pretty much anything as long as it’s outside. He explained, “If I'm not fishing I like to run, hike, camp, or float, preferably ending the day with a cold, cheap beer, and good company. I also keep close tabs on my favorite sports teams, I'll likely shed a few tears if the A's win a World Series in my lifetime.”
• Sam’s favorite part about working at SCO is his coworkers, though he thinks the guests are pretty great, too.

Johnny Kamp | Silver Creek Guides

Johnny Kamp

Fly Fishing Guide | Retail Associate

Whether you’re in Silver Creek Outfitters to set up a guide trip, purchase a fishing license, or update your gear or fly box, Johnny Kamp is ready to help! As he explained, “I am here to help on the floor, giving advice where I can and setting fisherman up for a successful trip on the river.” Johnny hails from Bozeman, Montana, graduated from Bozeman High School, and is currently a junior at Montana State University. Despite his Montana roots, Johnny feels, and heeds, the call of the Idaho wild. He said, “I have been coming here as long as I can remember, and I always knew it was the place for me.” His love of local waters runs deep and he is excited to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with guests.

Fun Facts about Johnny:
• He is currently the tallest member of his family and would like them to remember that.
• His first Sun Valley fishing memory is on the banks of the stocked ponds out Greenhorn. He recalls being very successful!
• A major in Fish and Wildlife Management, Johnny is very interested in environmental conservation
• On his days off, Johnny likes to … wait for it … fish.
• His favorite part about working at SCO is being part of a great team, providing outstanding customer experiences, and his friends on the staff.

What folks say about our team

In every department, Silver Creek has knowledgeable and friendly employees. Shopping at Silver Creek is part of the Sun Valley experience.

Michael Saunders

In every department, Silver Creek has knowledgeable and friendly employees.
Shopping at Silver Creek is part of the Sun Valley experience.

Michael Saunders

We all love Silver Creek and their employees

Kate Rosekrans

They were so helpful and efficient with the whole fish licensing process.

Arline Thomas

You have a great staff. Beautiful store and very helpful staff.


Shop personnel were great

Bob Heim

Always expect top-notch service.


You have a great staff. Beautiful store and very helpful staff.