Meet Our Team

We believe people can only achieve big things by having a great team to work with.

Terry Ring

OwnerMen's Buyer

Susie Ring

Women’s BuyerJewelry Buyer

Joe McKinnon

The Gun GuyHunting Department

How did you come to live in Sun Valley?
Born & Raised (Also known as Idaho Joe)
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Target shoot with my son
John Mclaughlin 2019 | Silver Creek Outfitters | Fly Fishing Idaho

John McLaughlin

Fly Fishing BuyerFly Buyer

What is your role (not your title….?)
Fly fishing department buyer. I get to buy and sell fly fishing gear for a living. It’s cool.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Enjoy the outdoors. I teach skiing in the winter on weekends. I teach kids in the freeride program, it’s very fun. I also like to mountain bike, camp at Red Fish, and fly fish when I can.

Todd Van Bramer

Fly Fishing Guide Coordinator

How did you come to live in Sun Valley?
As with many, I moved to Sun Valley in 1981 to ski. Discovered the summer and fly fishing, hiking, biking, and many outdoor activities and never left

Barb Cordeau


What gets you excited about your role at Silver Creek Outfitters?
I love problem-solving and coordinating projects
How did you come to Sun Valley?
I came to SV to follow my passion for skiing and fell in love with the area and lifestyle

Gary Caldwell

Gun GuyHunting Department

How did you come to live in Sun Valley?
Sun Valley is the best place on earth for everything I love to do!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I live to be outside exploring. Hiking, and hunting. I specialize in high mountain elk and mule deer but I love it all.

Jamie Marks-Loyd

Women's Department

How did you come to live in Sun Valley?
My older brother lived here and worked as a photographer for SV. He thought I should come for the winter and learn to ski. That was in 1972 fast forward to 2018 I’m still here.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Winter- Skiing; Summer- Hiking, enjoying the beautiful summers.

Kay Draper


Kay Draper, originally from Asheville, North Carolina, first came & moved to Sun Valley in 2000 when she fell in love with the lifestyle, scenery, and community. Kay’s last 30 years of life have been about water and mountains, which is why she and her husband chose to plant roots in Sun Valley, ID. With this passion for water and mountains, Kay knew that she wanted to work at Silver Creek Outfitters, a place that valued both in a variety of ways. Kay believes that “Silver Creek Outfitters is full of positive people who are here to serve the valley and our customers through sharing what we all love about the Sun Valley area with our visitors.” In her free time, Kay enjoys fly fishing on the Big Wood and taking full advantage of the holistic lifestyle that this valley promotes.

Heather Stanton

Women's Department

How did you come to live in Sun Valley?
I came for the “Summer” to work at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and of course like everyone else I never left.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to hike, mountain bike and enjoy this beautiful valley.

Sue Lecomte

Shipping & Receiving

Breanna Glahn

Women's Department

What gets you excited about your role?
I love meeting new people. Our customers live incredible lives and have incredible stories. They are so inspiring and truly great people.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Garden. It’s the best therapy in the world. It’s a great way to get sunshine and get out with the family.

Dave Reily

Social Medial and Photographer

Stodd Rowley

Fly Fishing Guide

Jacklyn Highfill

Women's DepartmentFly Fishing Guide

Caroline Gabbert

Women's Department

Growing up coming to Sun Valley, Caroline Gabbert feels lucky to be able to spend a third of her year in this unique place surrounded by the amazing community. A student at the University of Southern California, Caroline has always appreciated her time away in the valley pursuing her passions of skiing, running, and fishing. Ever since she was little, Caroline has loved coming into Silver Creek Outfitters which contributes to the unique relationship that she creates with our customers. Caroline shared, “I truly believe that Silver Creek Outfitters is an extremely unique place that is at the heart of Sun Valley culture. The core mission and values of the store are upheld not only by the team itself but through the commitment of the community to ensure that Silver Creek is a place ‘where great stories begin’”. Returning to the Silver Creek Outfitters community is always a highlight of Caroline’s summers and winters and she is excited to be back.

KoKo Furlong

Women's Department

Kate Chandler

Women's Department

Kate Chandler, a rising senior at the University of Washington majoring in International Studies, has been coming to Sun Valley for as long as she can remember. Hoping to move to Sun Valley full time one day, Kate has a strong appreciation for what the valley has to offer and its values. Kate has always loved her time spent in Sun Valley with her family adventuring, including on the river, which has fostered her growing interest in fly fishing and a maturing passion for skiing. Kate enjoys working at Silver Creek Outfitters because of the commitment each employee has for creating a great experience for everyone that comes into the store and because she feels she is constantly learning. Kate looks forward to what this summer holds for the community, both within the store and on the river.

James Carlin

Fly Fishing

Colton Donovan

Fly Fishing

Raised in Sun Valley, Colton Donovan has consistently been able to nurture and develop his love of fly fishing. Colton’s favorite place to fish is the Upper and Lower Lost River. This is a special place for Colton because it is where he learned to fly fish and where he was able to find his passion alongside his father -- whom he continues to share the experience with. Growing up, the two would make their weekly stops into Silver Creek Outfitters for flies, to chat with guides about river conditions, and to see their friends in the shop. Colton states how he knew, “someday I wanted to work at Silver Creek Outfitters, not only to pursue my passion for fly fishing but also to work in a retail environment. I love people and SCO was a place where I could talk to people about my passion”. Colton believes it is Silver Creek Outfitters mission not only to serve the customer but to create lifelong relationships with individuals both in the store and on the river and he is proud to be a part of this community.