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Meet Our Team

We believe people can only achieve big things by having a great team to work with.

TerryRing-Silver Creek Guide -2021

Terry Ring

Susie Ring

Heather Stanton | Silver Creek Outfitters | Womenswear

Heather Stanton

Sue Lecomte

Sam Ernst | Sun Valley Fly Fishing Guide | Silver Creek Outfitters

Sam Ernst

Anna Jonsson Connell

Breanna | Silver Creek Outfitters | Women's Clothing

Breanna Glahn

StoddardRowley-Silver Creek Guide -2021

Stodd Rowley

Joe McKinnon | Sun Valley Idaho | Silver Creek Outfitters | Hunting

Joe McKinnon

Tad Dugan

Kelsey Baker

Will Ring | Silver Creek Outfitters | Retail Associate

Will Ring

John | Silver Creek Outfitters | Retail Associate

John Rathfon

Auggie | Silver Creek Outfitters | Retail Associate

Auggie Rose

Beckett | Silver Creek Outfitters | Retail Associate

Beckett Gates

Colton | Silver Creek Outfitters | Retail Associate

Colton Donovan

Ethan Luke | Silver Creek Outfitters Fly Fishing Guide | Sun Valley, Idaho

Ethan Nelson

What folks say about our team

Just what I expected because we had been to the store many times before. It’s perfect!

Brent Wauterlek

I love shopping and coming into the store for expertise. Store staff is great and is always willing to share what flies are working and some great spots to fish.


You have a great staff. Beautiful store and very helpful staff.


All team members were very accommodating. Would like to thank Terry and Stodd for they did to ensure the overall program was a great success.

Norm Varin

Professional outfit with extremely experienced guides. I would highly recommend.

Andrew Stockwell

Your store staff rocks! I’ve also liked the merchandise carried by SCO.

Russ Girdler

Everyone was so helpful and polite. We both commented about how the buyer does an awesome job!


Silver Creek Outfitters is always on top of the list when I need to gear up for a fly fishing adventure.

Tim Vedder

I had very high expectations of your shop, and you made good on my expectations.

Robert Frisbee

We all love Silver Creek and their employees

Kate Rosekrans

Stoddard is 100% customer focused. Also liked many of the other guys in the shop like Colton.

Jeff Kurtzweil

The Silver Creek employees were friendly, good natured, professional, and excellent.

Roger Dermody

Always great. Consistently wonderful service.


Great staff helped us with logistics and licenses.

Mike Werner

Been shopping with you for +30 years...I KNOW it's a good store. We have 321 stores in 17 countries. I know what it is to run a retail shop where the Shopping Experience is KEY to bonding the client. The Merchandise is good quality so one can get away with hefty margins. BUT...if the Customer Service is no good.... sooner or later...you're dead. Your employees are both friendly and knowledgeable...so you should be around for a while...yet. No early retirement for you.

Ted Miller

Always expect top-notch service.


In every department, Silver Creek has knowledgeable and friendly employees. Shopping at Silver Creek is part of the Sun Valley experience.

Michael Saunders

I have to admit that my lack of fly fishing knowledge intimidates me when I have to approach a fly shop. I've been in too many where they "talk down" to a novice and act like I'm a lesser person. When I first went to the shop to check on fishing, Stodd immediately connected with me and made me feel comfortable. We chatted about life then talked fishing. He gave me tips, suggestions and recommendations to make my guided trip meet my expectations.

Chris Bone

The experience always is excellent. Stod is a fantastic ambassador for Silver Creek Outfitters.

Christy Brown

In every department, Silver Creek has knowledgeable and friendly employees.
Shopping at Silver Creek is part of the Sun Valley experience.

Michael Saunders

You have a great staff. Beautiful store and very helpful staff.


We had a wonderful day that far exceeded my expectations. We had never been to Eedaho Ranch before. Thank you, thank you to whoever booked our group there.

Helen Blair

Everyone was very pleasant and professional.


In the lead-up to the trip, I also dealt with Stodd over the phone. I met him in person at the shop and both he and our two guides were helpful, courteous, and professional. I'd never been to the shop. It's beautiful and well equipped. Wish I'd had more time to browse but we wanted to get out on the water and, at our request, the guides dropped us off at our hotel after the trip. Next time!

Dave Sharpe

The retail experience is always good, so that is what is expected.

Tom Robinson

Far exceeded my expectations. Really appreciate you contacting Amanda at such short notice and we plan to hire her in return trips.

Christopher Clements

Staff was appropriately eager. Greeted me with casual warm smile and was very helpful.


Everyone at Silver Creek was helpful, knowledgeable, engaging, gracious. So rare these days! The Silver Creek Store/Experience never disappointing.

Anita Nelson

I have been fishing with Silver Creek every summer for 6 years. Having worked with several fly shops over the years Silver Creek is at the top for professionalism, and fun.

John Regan

extremely high standard which was met once again.

Jay Robertson

They were so helpful and efficient with the whole fish licensing process.

Arline Thomas

The shop always has an extensive, high-quality array of fishing and non-fishing product, which was what I expected.

Jeff Murphy

Shop personnel were great

Bob Heim

Always feel like everyone is there to assist you in finding what you want. Stod, Sam and Joe are very helpful. Having bought rods, guns, etc my expectations where raised to a higher standard based upon the past.

Larry Mace

Brett and staff were eager beavers.


Could not think of another thing to improve our experience aside from putting the fish on the hook for us.

Cynthia Huffman

Don’t know any of the new staff but very friendly and attentive.

Calame Sammons MD

Joey helped us with our gear, showed us how to fish, use the poles and was very informational giving us all the details around the different tools, tactics, etc.

Nicole Jensen

My expectations have been set for over 30 years, but I’m always blown away by everyone in the shop. Always the best!

Bruce Armstrong