Retail Associate

You will find Anna Jonsson Connell on the floor at Silver Creek Outfitters, helping guests choose clothing, shoes, accessories, and gifts. Anna first came to Sun Valley 13 years ago on a summer vacation and recently moved to Idaho with her husband who wanted to be close to nature. “I said that I would come along from Los Angeles as long as my horse could join us,” she explained. Her dream day off? Coffee in bed followed by a long trail ride with her Arabian horse, Boomer and her lab, Kobe, capped off by enjoying a good book and a glass of wine in her garden in Bellevue.

Fun facts about Anna:

  • Anna grew up on a working farm outside Lund in the south of Sweden.
  • After high school, she went to Paris as an au pair for a year and never moved back home.
  • She studied at Sorbonne, then NYU, and later at UCLA.
  • Anna speaks four languages fluently.