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July Madness

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Trico Madness has started up on Silver Creek. It is one of the few insects to show up on time this season. Of course the ongoing question is whether it is called “Trico Madness” because the fish go mad for the bug, or because the fishermen go mad trying to fish during this event! Every river is primed for fishing right now, and the hardest decision to make this week is where to go cast a line. It is really up to the angler to decide what type of fishing they would like to do, because it is all working out there…

Silver Creek

Calm mornings on the Creek are all it takes to see the fish go into the first phases of Trico madness, helped along by a great amount of Baetis and then the occasional Pale Morning Dunn and Callibaetis flurry as well. With all this happening at once, anglers better be ready and willing to switch flies and switch often. The air temperature in the morning is the most important factor. Once things reach 70 degrees it is game on! On a calm morning this is normally between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. A breezy morning could push things back a little, or they might not happen at all. Regardless, 7:00 a.m. is not too early to be on the Creek especially with even higher temperatures in the forecast this week.

In the afternoon, look to cast Callibaetis and Damsel Flies, and in the evening expect Caddis, Baetis and some P.M.D. spinners. The sloughs are filling with water, but the algae is also coming up, giving fish a lot more places to hide and making things generally harder for anglers, as the fish tend to sulk on top of the springs when the Callibaetis aren’t going off. When they do go off, the fish will tend to move around a bit more making it easier to hook up without spooking every fish within 20 feet of a spring.

Big Wood River

The Wood has become gorgeous in the past week, and anglers described last weeks fishing as “brainless.” Things may get a bit tougher this week as flows continue to drop and the hatches of the bigger insects move north through the Valley. Big flies are still on tap, especially in low light, or when fishing over pyramid shaped riffles and slow water next to the bank.In the afternoon, when things have slowed, just tie a small beadhead nymph, like an Epoxy Back Drake, or Flashback Pheasant Tail behind your dry as a dropper fly. For searching the water, fish big dries like Yellow Stimulators, Orange Stimulators, and Royal Stimulators. When the day gets really hot and slow, look to fish tandem nymphs in deeper, swifter water with a strike indicator. The evening Caddis activity is coming on strong, so have Goddard Caddis, Hemingway Caddis and even Parachute Adams for late evening activity.Despite great fishing, the flows are still moving along and crossing can be difficult. Pick and choose where you cross carefully, wear your wader belt and fish with a friend.

Upper Lost River / Copper Basin

This area is really beginning to turn on, and that “brainless” fishing found on the Big Wood last week, may be found “up top” this coming week. Again the flows are high enough to warrant caution though.

Big Stimulators and Drake patterns are all one needs up here. Perhaps a few smaller flies like Adams and Elk Hair Caddis would be good to have along when you happen to encounter steadily rising fish.

Big Lost River

The Lost is still flowing at nearly 650 CFS, leaving little to no access to most of the river. Expect to see these flows continue until we see the reservoir begin to get low.

Little Wood River

With the Big Wood coming into shape up high, the Little Wood should follow the pattern and there could be some decent fishing above the reservoir this coming week. The desert stretch should be hot and won’t really fish that well until we start seeing some grasshoppers. There are a few out, but the populations seem limited to a few areas where hatching conditions must have been ideal this spring. Regardless the Little Wood is a great place to find some solitude and see some beautiful desert sunsets.

South Fork of the Boise

The S.F. of the B will be a busy place this weekend so bring your good attitude and be prepared for the crowds. If you go, have Cicadas, Salmon Flies, Pink Alberts, and Caddis flies in your fly box. The flows are still cranked up to nearly 1,600 CFS so it is truly a boaters paradise.