Certified Casting Instructor

on leading people to the fish

"...being out on the water surrounded by nature makes for a special day."

Wherever the trout are,

it’s beautiful.

If you love beautiful photography and fly fishing, you may recognize Randy’s name from two coffee table books, Fly Fishing in Idaho, and A Celebration of Salmon Rivers. The latter was even forwarded by HRH the Prince of Wales and was a conservation project for the North Atlantic Salmon Fund. His passion for the region’s waters and its inhabitants is contagious, and Randy can’t wait to share his knowledge and his love for the area with guests. He caught the fishing bug as a child when his dad took him to chase bass on Custis pond in Virginia. “He had a fly rod in my hand before I could walk,” he said. At 14, a guide gave him a life lesson he never forgot and is always sure to pass on. “ Our guide taught me if I don’t leave my fly in the water, I can’t catch any fish. That day, I ended up catching a 24-inch rainbow on grasshopper after a long drift.”

Guiding Style

Teacher. “I consider myself an appreciator … being out on the water surrounded by nature makes for a special day. Catching a few fish is a bonus that makes a good day a great day. I love teaching people how to catch fish.”

Fun Facts about Randy

  • Randy grew up in Connecticut and graduated from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia with a BA in History.
  • He was a high school and college All-American lacrosse player.
  • In addition to college, Randy spent a year at Brooks Institute of Photography.
  • An avid reader, Randy’s shelves are lined with titles about fly fishing and American history. He recently finished Stronghold by Tucker Malarkey and recommends it.
  • Randy loves to ride bikes.
  • His favorite fly on the Bigwood River is the Pink Cahill. “It’s a wonderful dun pattern they don’t see all the time.” His favorite hatch is the Pale Morning Dun on Silver Creek.
  • After a day of fishing, nothing is better than a cold beer on Grumpy’s patio followed by a soak in the river. He also tries to fit in an evening mountain bike ride after dinner if there is still time.
What folks say about fishing with Randy

Guides were wonderful, took us to a spectacular place, and we caught lots of fish. Scott fished with my older mother and was very attentive and skilled in interacting with her and meeting her needs.


Not the Guide's fault that the fish are depleted, but still managed to catch and release two. Randy was the key to making this fun and a positive experience.

Dan Z

Randy was great! Super nice guy and made my fish experience w fly fishing an amazing one. Super knowledgeable and really helpful, especially w my 14 year old son.

Isaac Mark

Randy and Matt were attentive, encouraging, helpful, knowledgeable, and fun! Thanks for a great birthday! I fly fished the next day but only caught one little one…

Charlotte Culberson

Randy is great.

Wes Fehsenfeld

Randy was great. He was pleasant and engaging. He genuinely wanted us to have a good time. We were disappointed that our fly fishing trip was only floating in inner tubes in a pond. We would have greatly preferred time in a river. We did have a good time though and enjoyed both of the guides who were with us and they couldn't help that the fish refused to bite.

Scott Click

I've fished a lot of locations with countless number of guides over the last 35 plus years, but of all the days on the water, Matt, Brian, Randy, and Ewald rank near the top of the list.
Their knowledge of the fishery, waters, entomology, area history enhanced the scenery and each day’s experience. They are patient coaches who helped me to become a better fly fisherman in multiple areas
Although I expressed my gratitude to each, I wanted you to know that you have an exceptional crew, I'd gladly recommend without hesitation. I look forward to my next trip to Idaho and working with you and your crew to create another tailored fishing trip.

Andrew Hay