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Certified Casting Instructor

on leading people to the fish

“I like to make each trip a unique experience. I want to lead people to fish, but I want to do it through education. My style is to create an all-encompassing fishing experience that involves learning and catching.”

Wherever the trout are,

it’s beautiful.

When asked what brought him to Idaho, Riley Berman replies, “I just never left!” Born and raised in Ketchum Idaho, he did leave to attend college and holds a degree in English from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. His entire family still lives in the Wood River Valley, and Riley spends his winters coaching ski racers for the local ski team. This true Idahoan is happiest during any trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River where the cutthroats are going crazy for hoppers.

“It is the best because the beauty of floating through the amazing canyon cannot be beat,” he said. Closer to home, his favorite fly for the Big Wood is the extended body Green Drake Dun. “However nothing beats a good Salmon Fly anywhere in the west,” he said.

Guiding Style


Fun Facts about Riley

  • He has rafted the entire Salmon River from headwaters to the confluence with the Snake river – 428 miles!
  • Riley’s first fishing memory is of digging through his grandfather’s fishing stuff, deep in the garage, wondering what the heck all the junk was.
  • He simply loves rivers. Kayaking, rafting, floating, or wading — being on the water makes him happy.
  • Between ski coaching in the winter and guiding in the summer, Riley could not think of a better line of work!
What folks say about fishing with Riley

Excellent day on the river.

Tom Robinson

I'm in a wheelchair and both Richter and Riley were great. I kayaked with Richter and I've been on Silver Creek and the big wood with him and Riley of course float down the salmon both very well equipped and informed and accommodating for my disability.

Jim Holloway

Riley was a fantastic guide! I explained very early on that I was a complete novice and wanted to just experience fly fishing and have fun, and he met all of my expectations. I actually didn’t realize that I would have a private guide/tour, so that was an added bonus as well! He taught me a few different casting techniques, and we practiced them all before heading to the river. Riley is a great instructor, and was able to correct my form and offer suggestions for how to aim more accurately in a very nice and encouraging manner. He also was a complete gentleman and continuously offered me his hand as we walked up- and down-stream so I wouldn’t slip. The highlight of my day was obviously catching a fish, but just the experience in general was fantastic!! I’m immensely glad I chose to go fly fishing.

Caroline Rudolph

Riley. The best ever!


Riley is perfect to teach beginners.

Happy Angler

Riley was an awesome guide.