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The Silver Creek Rainbow

By August 27, 2012 April 14th, 2018 2 Comments

Have heard a few comments recently about all the photos on our site – “Are there any rainbows in that stream?”  While this has been a great year for some very, very, very big browns, those elusive slab rainbows are still around!

While the photo opportunity for a 2-foot plus brown is too good to pass and to post, there still is not much that can beat a 18-21 inch rainbow and the satisfaction of landing these hot monsters.

I still believe that pound for pound, the rainbows in Silver Creek are the hottest fish to target and will give you more than you can handle at times.  Drag melting – Finger Burning – Knuckle Bustin’ – Into the Next County – kind of runs.  Thank goodness they don’t have a heavy streamflow to give them another advantage.

The big browns may get the hero shots, but I’ll still take these “dinky rainbows” any day of the week, all day long.

See you down there tomorrow.


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  • Taylor Hunt says:

    Dinky rainbows? Ever been to the slough? The browns haven’t completely taken over up there yet, and there are some monster rainbows that will tail walk for you if you just present them with the right fly. I too would take a rainbow over a brown any day and I can remember when there were a lot more of them in the creek. I guess that’s how those monster browns get the way they do though.

    • Ritchie says:

      Taylor – Maybe a few too many cold ones when I made the reference to “Dinky Rainbows”. The idea was that a lot of 2-foot plus browns have gotten the hero shots and maybe not a lot of 18-20 plus inch rainbows have been getting enough attention for how hot and elusive they can be on the Creek. Keep sticking’ em – hope your summer has been good and hope to see you soon.

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