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Backing: The Fly Fishing Film Tour

Warren Miller was (and still is) a pioneer, and arguably one of the best. By developing and evolving outdoor sports filmmaking and touring those films around the country, Miller shared incredible skiing experiences with the masses. The release of a Warren Miller ski film and the arrival of the show tour to local theaters around the country became anticipated events for ski enthusiasts around the country. In Fact, Miller set fourth on his ski film dynasty from right here in Sun Valley.

The WM tour continues to visit Sun Valley ever year, but next week another tour will be visiting the Sun Valley Opera House for the first time. Feb 23rd, the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) is coming to town, and they bring part of the the WM model with them. Each year the F3T assembles ten or so of the years best films in fly fishing, and takes their show on the road. Warren Miller style… and for a good reason.

WM is in the bones of the F3T. A few years back, the head of production Chris Keig and general manager Doug Powell of WM Entertainment left the company, and paired with Drake Magazine frontman Tom Bie to form the F3T. Doug Powell explains it eloquently “Basically one day Keig and I realized we loved fly fishing more than skiing…” and through a network of people in the Fly industry they teamed with Tom Bie and took over ownership of the pre-existing and now defunct AEG film tour. Original member and founder of the AEG (Angler Exploration Group) film tour Thad Robison maintained the vision and passion for a successful fly tour, and quickly became integral in meshing the newly formed team. ¬†Via a combination of their respective experience in both ski and fly fishing industries and culture, commitment to the sport, and strong ties and relationships with¬†outdoor filmmakers, the four partners created an the event that has become fly fishing’s marquee presence on big screens around North America. The tour stops at over 120 theatre venues around the US and Canada, with ticket sales exceeding 1,000 at recent venues.

Catch the F3T here in Idaho Feb 22nd in Boise, Feb 23rd in Sun Valley, April 20th in both Sand Point and Idaho Falls. An extended version of our own feature “Doc of the Drakes” has been deemed the audience favorite in shows thus far, so mark your calendars to catch the event near you!

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