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Water Will Flow Below Magic Res

Executive Director of The Wood River Lant Trust Scott Boettger has some great news to share!


“To all,

For the 1st time in 102 years there will be water flowing into the Big Wood River below Magic Reservoir after the irrigation season ends. Starting tomorrow the Big Wood Canal Company (BWCC), in cooperation with the WRLT, will be releasing 15 cfs of  stored water to enhance the existing tailwater fishery directly below the dam. The additional 15 cfs will then be diverted trough the existing coffer dam, bypassing the Richfield canal, into the historic Big Wood River in an attempt to maintain the seasonal fishery that exists there in “good water” years ( years like this one).

This being the 1st attempt, there is sure to be issues/problems that will need to be worked out ( i.e we don’t even know if the dam can be operated at such a small amount of water). But, I am continually gladdened by the attitude and support by the members of the BWCC board of directors to find a solutions that works for all involved.”

For all of us who enjoy and care about this tail-water fishery and others like it, lets hope this move provides a model example of a successful and balanced approach to water management.

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