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100 Trout

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Not that long ago while uploading a batch of new images to my photography site, I noticed a milestone approaching. Within my album of trout images titled “Trout Glam” one hundred images of our beloved trout were just a few fish away. As a fisherman, photographer, and filmmaker, stories seem to appear all around me. Even in something as simple as a still image of a fish, my eyes can wander deep into details of the fish and its markings. Sometimes it’s the light and coloration of the water, or reflections of the landscape that draw me in. One way or another, gazing into images is one of my favorite things, and before too long, I find myself there again. It’s why I love taking photographs. I hope you can enjoy these 100 trout yourself, and find yourself there too.
Click here to take the “100 Trout” tour.

“100 trout. They’re all cool. They’re all gorgeous. There’s a long Paul Harvey behind every one of them. The eats are all memorable, some of the fights are too. It’s a short relationship with fish we catch & release, and I’ll admit, I’m clingy. I hate good byes.

I snap photos when I can. While the fish is recovering and just before it’s gone forever my camera and I work quickly to grab that moment. Those moments are worth remembering, and these photos help me go there again.

I hope you enjoy them too. Thanks for coming along.”
~Bryan Huskey

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