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4th of July

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Silver Creek

The Creek continues to fish relatively well despite a lack of strong P.M.D. activity. The Baetis and Callibaetis are still bringing fish up to the surface. The Damsel activity is also picking up and a few anglers are finding success with these patterns as well as small terrestrials like the Ants and Beetles. Tricos are still not in the mix, but their appearance in large numbers should happen soon. With hot days, look to the morning and late evening fisheries to provide the action, but if storm clouds roll in during the week, expect some midday Baetis flurries.

Big Wood River

The Wood is beginning to fish better and better on the surface. The Drakes are acting like they did last season with more numbers being found on the north end of the fishery and an increase in activity being seen down south as the waters continue their incredibly slow drop from spring flows. Look for the morning spinners and afternoon hatches of this large insect. Check side channels as well as the water adjacent to the top of the main flow at the pools head. Golden Stones and a few bigger Stoneflies are also present and little Yellow Stimulators have been taking fish. Girdle bugs and other stonefly nymphs are good choices when no fish are active on the surface. The water is still very pushy, so wade with caution!

Lost River

Still 800 CFS below the dam. There are little pockets to fish near the campground, but a better bet is to wait for flows closer to 400 CFS.

Upper Lost River and Copper Basin

Anglers are catching fish in the headwaters of the Copper Basin and decent bug activity has allowed for some limited dry fly activity. Expect the same Green Drake and Stonefly action you would find on the Wood. The upper lost is still moving a large volume of water and will fish better in coming weeks.

South Fork of the Boise

The Salmon Flies are in full swing on the SF of the B. If you have a drift boat get down there and cover some water with the biggest Salmon Fly patterns you can buy or tie! You can also expect a lot of Caddis and Pink Albert action in the afternoon. Flows are steady at 1600 CFS making this a better drift boat fishery than wade fishery.