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A Big Weekend Part II

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National Championship Mountain Bike racing made its way to town as part of last weekends festive summer schedule. Among the world class athletes in the competition was a long time buddy and Team Giant Pro Carl Decker. Carl is about as multi-sport of an athlete as they come. From decades of domination pushing various types of bicycle pedals, to the brake, clutch, and gas pedals in his fire breathing Subaru Rally car in the X-Games. He likes to go fast, and he is very good at it. In addition to high speeds and terrain negotiation of various racing, Carl also digs holding cork.

Decker racing the Short Track event at River run on Sunday.

Look Ma, two hander!

In a “work in progress” Carl is featured in an upcoming fishbite media film where we explore the overlapping virtues and values of one of the world’s great steelhead rivers, the North Umpqua and it’s winding bike trails. As Carl shares the aspects of riding technical single-track with a fellow fly fisherman, he in turn experiences the challenges of  operating fly rod and line on the Umpqua’s tricky currents.

Carl finished just over 1 second behind Giant team mate Adam Craig for second place on Sundays Pro Super D race. The team is spending this week in the area, to train and enjoy all the bounties of the Wood River Valley. So keep your eyes peeled, if you see an angler wearing a jersey and bike helmet, it might be Carl practicing for round two of fly fishing-Mtn Biking cross over film.


Adam talks Decker through a NU tail-out.

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