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Above The Waterline

By October 3, 2012 April 14th, 2018 One Comment

It may be fly fishing, hunting, photography, or wildlife watching that draw any person into a relationship with the outdoors. Whether it’s one of these activities or countless others, the reason so many of us call this part of Idaho ‘home’ is the absolute outdoor quality around us.

One of the unique side effects of becoming skilled at these types of outdoor activities, is the level of observation that becomes habit. For those with a passion for being outside, careful observations become second nature. Without exception, the closer you look, the more you see.

The fly angler has an eye for spotting insects that may be hovering in curtain-like formations over the water. Even the size, location, number and behavior of insects can be prime indicators of whats happening in the sub surface world of fish. It may seem like a strange observation to others, but for trout geeks it’s fodder for enthusiastic conversation.

The savvy hunter instantly recognizes the shine of fresh rubs indicated by tree bark scraped bare by deer, elk, and moose as they prepare their antlers for fall rituals. Quickly the kind and size of animal, as well as near exact date of the rub are deduced. It’s ‘CSI’ evidence the hunter stores carefully in a mental notebook of understanding the quarry.

The photographer stops hard in their tracks when falling angles of light land just so around us. Fingers move quickly among the buttons and dials of the camera, adjusting physical settings of time and space in order to preserve one moment of this life.

Wildlife watchers remark at the first annual sighting of migratory wildlife that pass before us during their ever revolving journey. ‘Home’ is a relative term to these critters, but like us they find themselves in these same places seeking the outdoor quality around us.

Those who live for the thrill of momentum and speed take note of the moisture and consistency of dirt on the trail or fluff factor of powder on the slopes. Precipitation brings wide grins to those who await the proceeds of speed and control.

The surroundings we enjoy here in Central Idaho are dynamic. We have the luxury of vast open spaces of public land, hosting a variety of seasonal climates and environments. There is a beauty to engaging in activities here, as each require unique skill sets that offer something for everyone to learn and enjoy. Thank you Idaho, you are a great host!

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  • Linda Kahn says:

    Thank you Bryan for such a beautiful article. You did a great job of summing up the reasons that make this part of the world so spectacular to so many outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Well done.
    All the best,

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