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Another Ring In The Trees

By April 5, 2012April 14th, 2018No Comments

It’s almost New Years for trout of the Big Wood and other area waters. Another split or two in the pec fins, a few dozen new spots on the back and maybe even another inch or so between the tail and the nose. The fishing season has come to a close on many area rivers now as wild trout around here begin to spawn. A few months from now when anglers return to the water again over Memorial Day weekend, the dark timber and avalanche chutes of the valley’s north slopes should be free of snow and greening with grass.

It was a decent winter to be a fly fishermen here in the valley. Many days over the past months provided conditions even the dry flies found acceptable, along with a few days when the water stayed just warm enough to help fly line flow through the guides and not freeze. Plenty of sturdy rainbows and also a few browns came to hand for a quick pit stop and release. We appreciate these fish, and feel a sense of pride call these trout locals, and call this place home.

Thanks Wood River Valley, your winter fishing was great.


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