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Backing: Bob White

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The greatest of scenic fly fishing paintings are breathtaking. Some however seem to stand alone in a distinctive light. Elements of the composition all fit into place so well, that they actually compel you to question if you have not actually stood there at some point in your own life. Certain paintings seem to quietly lean forward and whisper in your ear. Certain paintings come from the brush of Bob White.

As described from BobWhite Studio,
“Bob White is an artist and author whose work expresses a misspent youth. Instead of doing his homework, his nose was constantly in the outdoor books and sporting magazines of the day. Consequently, he has wandered between Alaska and Patagonia for over two decades as an itinerant fishing guide, looking for gainful employment. He now paints and writes for a living; which is to say, he’s still searching.”

It’s difficult to make your way through the contents of the “All About Bob” page without saying “Wow” over and over again. Time spent browsing all the works featured on his website will inspire many of us to not only appreciate the great craft, but pause in our own lives, and take a closer look at the painted world around us.

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