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Backing, Shauna Stephenson

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“Popular literature has suggested that all the world’s problems are caused by unhappy people, so to find happiness in oneself is really a gift to the world. And to their credit, there is no happier than the trout bum.”

Hard to argue with that, and Shauna Stephenson has a solid grip on perspectives that many of us share. Reinforcement to be a trout bum can not come often enough, thank you Shauna!

As a respected outdoor writer & journalist, photographer & fish bum herself, Shauna is the perfect fit for her position of Communications Director for the Sportsmen’s Conservation Project with Trout Unlimited. She works with 25+ campaigns across the West to spread the word of what groups are doing to benefit hunters and anglers by protecting fisheries and wildlife habitat.

Drake cover of "steelhead bum" Mia shepard by Shanua Stephenson.

Fly fishing brings broad gins and big smiles. It’s an activity, passion, hobby, sport, or whatever you want to call it that spans the interest of all gender and generation. Grandpa’s to grandkids, urban or rural, traditional to techy, the spectrum of people who have fallen in love with tricking fish is wide. All the people who love to fish find a voice a voice that they can relate to. Shauna represents a voice and perspective that is important in fly fishing as it’s rooted as such a male oriented culture. She creates art with words, skillfully captures emotion from behind a camera, and demonstrates heart in her love of the land. That is a voice we can all listen to.

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