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The most notable occurrence so far this season has been the difference in the micro climates between the Sun Valley area, and the Silver Creek area. On days in the north valley that look rainy and unpleasant, it has often been sunny and warm down on Silver Creek. Be sure that there are still plenty of thunderstorms rolling around down there, but in between the weather can be splendid. Fishing has been great despite cool June days, and we should see more of the same in the coming week. No need to get up early, let the day warm up and then head for the water.

Silver Creek

The Creek has been fishing excellent. Anglers prepared for cool rain and periodic warm sun are fishing comfortably over Baetis and Pale Morning Dunn hatches and spinner falls. These insects are showing up with the morning warmth, around 10:30 and the action will pop on and off throughout the day, until darkness arrives. Expect good P.M.D. activity when the sun is out and plan on seeing the smaller Baetis (Blue Winged Olive) when the clouds roll in. The evening has been excellent for Baetis activity when the wind stay down. Hackle Stackers, Harrop Patterns and the most dainty versions of the Baetis and P.M.D. are your best choices. Ants and Beetles are always in play on the Creek. No drakes yet, and they could be a ways off.

Big Wood River

The Wood has seen little pressure, but some anglers are having decent success here and there. Big dries and big nymphs fished in the slowest water available and the side channels are catching fish. There are a few fish rising to smaller insects like Baetis as well. The clear water runoff continues and should be the norm as we see no real spike in daytime or nighttime temperatures. Anglers can find less volume and cleaner water as one travels upriver leaving major tributaries behind. If you go pack some giant Stimulators, Green Drakes (wet and dry) and have some large Stonefly Nymphs, Prince Nymphs and even a few little bugs like a Parachute Adams incase a small hatch occurs.

Upper Lost River / Copper Basin

A lot like the Wood, these rivers are running high. Anglers should wait another week or more before considering fishing up top. If you want to explore and have whole drainages to yourself, then this might be a nice break from Silver Creek. Often, this time of year, the drive is worth making just o see the wildflower bloom!

Big Lost River

Some limited fishing can be found on the Lost as the flows are high, and access is somewhat limited to a persons physical abilities. There is some decent fishing at the access points. If you go, take a variety of bead head nymphs including Prince Nymphs and Copper Johns in Copper and Red colors. Have a variety of sizes to imitate everything from Stoneflies to Baetis.

Little Wood River

Give this creek another couple of weeks to drop, clear and begin to fish well.

South Fork of the Boise

Wade fishing and boating are both possible on the SF of the B right now. Insect activity is limited, but the Caddis activity should begin to heat up in the next two weeks. This event can grow and grow, until daily hatches of the bug cover every bit of the waters surface. Don’t expect to see the giant Salmon Fly on the river for another few weeks. The weekends have been pretty busy on the South Fork, so if you can get down to the river mid-week, you will find more places to search for the rivers trophy trout.