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Big Wood, Warm Springs & The Copper Basin

By July 14, 2011 April 14th, 2018 One Comment

I want to start this fishing report talking about the Big Wood, Warm Springs and the Copper Basin. The water is still very high on these streams but the fishing has started to get good on all of them. You must find the slower water including side channels and pools. And fly selection this time of year means big dry flies. You’ll see Green Drakes hatches in the early afternoons. This hatch will not last long so get out and search for the slower water. Some of my favorite flies are Adams Parachutes in sizes 12-16 and Stimulators in various colors. I like adding a nymph behind the dry before and after the hatch. Caddis are showing in the evenings along with smaller mayflies including some PMD’s. Both South and North of Ketchum are places you can try. Warm Springs is very clear and drops the quickest of our streams and is always a fun place to catch both hatchery and wild fish. The Copper Basin is a little behind our local waters and within the week will start to produce. The upper reaches clear first so stay high until the water comes down lower down on the East Fork and main stem.

Big Wood

Silver Creek has been tough. The next big hatch is Tricos and although a few have already shown the big numbers and pods will not happen for another week or two. I like small Baetis in the mornings along with some PMD”s in sizes 16-18 around. Damsel’s have started to show and always carry a few Parachute Damsels or Harrop’s Damsel to use on these aggressive feeders. Evenings and right into dark is also a good time to fish the Creek. I like Caddis and PMD patterns at night.

The South Fork of the Boise has dropped to a very good level. Drift boating is your best bet but as the water gets lower you can find fish walking and wading. Pink Alberts, Caddis and Stonflies and Salmon flies are your best bet at this time.

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