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Blame it on the Rain

By June 19, 2009 April 14th, 2018 No Comments


The recent rains that have plagued the Wood River Valley will likely continue through the weekend. Rains have extended the seasonal runoff on our freestone streams, so Silver Creek and The South Fork of the Boise are probably the best options for anglers. The good news is that all of our regional watersheds are now over the 100% annual precipitation mark, so we should have plenty of water for the summer.

Big Wood River

The Wood has risen over the past week and has become off-color due to recent mudslides. These unfavorable conditions should subside once the weather shapes up and will slowly improve over the next few weeks.

Silver Creek

Unfortunately, the Brown Drakes are probably finished for the year. Last night was a perfect Drake evening and we witnessed very little activity. However, the Green Drakes continue to hatch in good numbers throughout the The Nature Conservany. The evening Caddis hatches are thick and the smaller mayflies are popping throughout the day in abundance. PMD’s (size16), Callibaetis (size16/18), and Baetis (Size 22) will continue to be the main hatches through June; however, the fish have keyed in on these hatches and have started to become educated and more selective. Be prepared with cripples and emergers and pay close attention to what species and stages the fish are feeding on.

Big Lost River

Unfortunately, the Big Lost is still too high to fish.

Upper Big Lost / Copper Basin

The Copper Basin will eventually shape up, but currently remains a little high and off-color for ideal fishing. There are a few spots higher up in the basin where anglers can produce fish.

South Fork of the Boise

The South Fork has dropped a little over the past week to 2320 cfs and drift boat anglers are experiencing good fishing. Large foam Cicada patterns and Chernobyls Ants are producing fish along the bank. At this level, the river is moving pretty fast, so take your time floating and keep an eye underneath the bushes and in the eddies for feeding fish. The Pink Albert and Salmonfly hatches have yet to begin but anglers are reporting good caddis activity.