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Camp Cook

By December 26, 2011 April 14th, 2018 One Comment

"Over-Under" setup with a dutch oven is handy and effective.

A few things from home like a grill and briquettes provide reliable consistency.

Biscuits over a loaded omelett and this camp meal is approaching gourmet!

The old old stand by, you can cook anything in the fire with some tin foil.

Some things just seem to taste better outside. Cold beer, hot coffee, and pork chops? Cooking things on a campfire, dutch oven, or over coals adds such character and atmosphere to a meal it can’t help but be extra tasty.

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  • Bob Schwend says:

    As a youngster I want tent camping with my parents. Dad always was up before anyone else. Fire was started and the coffee was on for Mom. I would lie there all toasty in my sleeping bag and smell the coffee knowing not far behind were pancakes, bacon and eggs over an open fire. Wow!!!! Best meals I ever ate. Except maybe some little Brookies sizzling in bacon grease with potatoes on the side.
    Now I’m the Dad. And I’m finding it hard to give that to my kids. They want to stay in the RV and Mom wants to cook on the stove. Sometimes I still cook mine over the fire and say, “Thanks Dad. How’s the fishing going to be today?”

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