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Cool nights put big fish on the bite

By August 17, 2006 April 14th, 2018 No Comments

5 Reasons we are going to have incredible fall fishing

1) When the water drops to fall flows, we will see rivers full of beautiful green buckets full of fish, and no one knows exactly where they will be.
2) Springs are running nice and high, providing fish with lot’s of cover and cooler temperatures which will get the fish through the remainder of our summer heat in good health.
3) Last winters snow pack bodes well for an excellent hunting season, meaning fewer anglers on the water, and with good flows there is already more fishable water than we’ve seen in years
4) Our Autumn hatches have been our most consistent hatches over the past few seasons
5) With higher flows we will be fishing the Fall Baetis and Western Red Quill hatches over more turbulent waters. In years past we have been fishing these insects in the almost Spring Creek like conditions on flat water due to low flows. The more riffles and rapids we have, the easier it will be to fool our targets.

Silver Creek

The Creek is fishing really well for the adaptive angler. Meaning, if you like to fish the same water over and over again, and expect the same conditions every day, then you are in for some tough days. The anglers that are willing to move to specific areas of the Creek based on the conditions will find excellent success. For example, anglers that fished the river in the Conservancy last week, complained of a drop in the fishing action, while anglers that fished in the Sloughs, and through the Willows reported excellent fishing. Look at the weather, the wind, the temperatures and the hatches and make and educated choice on where the action will be best. Keep a journal of these conditions and you’ll be one step ahead of the game next season! Tricos remain strong as well as small Baetis, Hoppers and Callibaetis in the afternoon.

Big Wood River

The Wood is going through Hopper Madness right now. A large Dave’s Hopper or Parachute Hopper is the ticket. Crane flies are also active and the color yellow to represent small Mayflies as well as the small Crane Fly will provide good action in the mornings and evenings. Try little yellow Humpies, Stimulators and P.M.D. patterns, or just throw a Hopper all day and cover lots of water. One or two cast in a fishes lane is plenty with a Hopper. If they don’t come up, move to the next likely spot!

Lost River

With flows just above 500 CFS the river is fishable, but any day now there is going to be a significant drop in these flows and the entire river will become accessible. Keep your eyes on our web site to check the flows, and when you see it drop, give the fish a day or two to adjust and then get over there. Take Crane Flies, Tricos, Parachute Adams and Gulper Specials to fish the surface, and have a few big bead head nymphs and some smaller nymphs to trail when fishing with a strike indicator sub surface.

Upper Lost and Copper Basin

This area has become a little tougher the past few weeks. Down stream flows are wadable and fishable, but an angler needs to cover plenty of water to do well and anglers also need to fish way up under the overhanging branches. Some days the mornings are outstanding with a drop off in the afternoon, while other days the afternoons are producing better. All we can suggest is go early, take a big lunch and stay late. Take your favorite attractor patterns and some Hoppers.

South Fork of the Boise

The SF of the B is still at a good boating flow, and Hoppers are the fly of choice when fishing from the boat. Parachute Adams, and very small Stimulators are also good choices. Nymphing the riffles when nothing will take a fly off the surface is also a great idea.