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Creek Opener

By May 28, 2012 April 14th, 2018 One Comment

Something about opening days and rain at Silver Creek seem to bring the two together often in recent years. The showers however did not deter the many anglers who where excited to cast to fish on the first day of the new season.

A familiar sight to many, the sing up page at the Nature Conservancy cabin allows the public to access the heart of Idaho’s Silver Creek.

Next time you are at the cabin, step inside and check out the information about all the habitat the preserve offers for such a variety of wildlife.

Certainly a starring character in the vast variety of the creek, high quality trout like this bring anglers from around the globe.

The Nature Conservancy hosted a great BBQ and open house for anglers and visitors out braving the cold wet elements of opening day.

No doubt, under the covered deck at the cabin was the place to be. Cold beers, hot BBQ, and even dessert for all who wandered by.

The snow line crept low over Picabo as showers drenched early spring foliage.

Raptors are common throughout the preserve.

Osprey were finding fish no problem, us anglers had to work a little harder.

Mule deer buck working on his impressive antler rack for the year. Strong eye-guards and out past his ears already, he will be one sharp looking buck this fall.

Western Tanager’s are busy with their social life in creek side aspen thickets.

Rain or shine, the trout are always there and looking for a meal. Not much dry fly action as of yet, but many around the campfire this weekend speculate we will see strong hatches of abnormally large dries this year. Sign me up!

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