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Falling water means rising fish!

By June 23, 2006April 14th, 2018No Comments

The Wood and other rivers continue to drop and are becoming fishable in select areas. Expect more and more fishable water on a daily basis. Clearing water may still be accompanied by quick flows, so exercise extreme caution when fishing any of our freestone waters in the next few weeks.

Silver Creek

The Creek is still fishing well on a day to day basis. The Baetis hatches have been strong on most mornings, but the duration of the activity is really affected by the wind and air temperatures. P.M.D, Callibaetis and Baetis are all still the main players and with the hot weather expected in the next few days, it may be time to start making sure your fly box is stocked with a few good Trico patterns. We may still be weeks away from significant activity, but we have seen good spinner falls around the 4th of July in the past. Caddis are still active on the Creeks lower reaches and of course a Beetle or Ant are effective up and down the river.

Big Wood River

The Wood is coming into a slightly fishable state. The waters north of town look good and some of the braided sections are wadable. Anglers have seen Green Drakes and a few stoneflies about, and this activity should really begin to increase daily as the water drops. Make sure you have some big bushy dry flies in your box, like Stimulators and Green Drake patterns. Fish are more than ready to take some big beaded nymphs as well. Look into fishing the slowest water you can find and really concentrate on the side channels. Please be careful though as one misstep can ruin your day. It is also advised to leave your fishing dog at home when fishing the Wood, at least for the next few weeks, for safeties sake.

Lost River

The river below Mackay Dam is still at a high flow and is not a fishery really worth driving to at this point.

Little Wood River

With the Big Wood starting to clear and take shape, we expect the Little Wood to follow the same course. Fair fishing for smallish fish can be found below the Silver Creek confluence and the water above the reservoir could start fishing really soon, although we have no reports of anyone trying this fishery just yet.

South Fork of the Boise

If you want to see so many bugs it will make you rethink fly-fishing, then check out the afternoon/evening Caddis activity on the SF of the B. The best fishing is in the morning hours before the bugs fill the water stratus and give the fish just too many choices. Look at the softest seams you can find for big sipping Rainbows! You can also expect to see a few Pink Alberts already, and the beginning of the Salmonfly activity this week.

Magic Reservoir

Magic continues to fish superbly on most days when the wind is down. Many anglers are taking advantage of this rare fishery and having the best days of their season still. A few Buggers and Zug Bugs are all you need. A Staynard Duck Tail and Prince Nymphs are also effective. Expect to see a lot of Damsel activity in the near future as well.