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I expect the Big Wood to fish better in February as temperatures rise on some days. It will still be weather dependent but on those days when temperatures are above freezing the fishing can be good. Expect to see midges especially on cloudy overcast days and you will want various stages of this bug. I like to carry surface patterns such as the Trailing Shuck Midge and Griffiths Gnats in different sizes along with some emergers like a Stillborn or cripple. You will need to use 6x tippets and if you need some visability add a bigger dry fly like an Adams Parachute and drop the smaller fly off the back a couple of feet. On other days the fish will not take flies on the surface but just underneath and a heavily weighted fly like a Zebra will sink to quick. This is where you want small midge biots and other unweighted nymphs to hit the correct level of the feeding fish. I like brassies with no beads and other small midge patterns. Zebras and othe weighted flies do work this time of year but pay attention to the zone the fish are feeding in. Streamer patterns and big stonefly nymphs also work this time of year.

February can be an interesting time on Silver Creek. With  warmer temperatures the creek will sometimes start to color up in this month and small leeches and other bugger patterns can produce very well. I do a lot of down and across fishing and the fish will respond in the dirty water to a well placed leech. Remember only the Creek from Hwy 20 downstream through Point of Rocks and the Willows is opened. This section close at the end of February.

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