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February Fishing Fun

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There is no question that the most difficult part of fishing these days is finding an access point that isn’t buried under 6 feet of snow. We are currently experiencing one of our rare, big winters. The good news is that when we have a lot of snow, we have fewer anglers. The anglers that have been going out the past few days, have been turning around and going right back out on back to back days due to the success they are finding. The fish just haven’t been fished too much this season and they are currently eating well and with little fear of being caught.

Our current weather patterns are rotating between super cold, clear days, and warmer cloudier days. Obviously one is more comfortable to fish in than the other, but right now, anytime you can get out and fish is a good time and will be productive.

Finding access to the river is the hardest part of the fishing day. The best thing we can suggest is – Get a ride! If you can have someone drop you off, and pick you up a few hours later, you will be able to access areas that haven’t been touched in a month or even longer. If you do have to drive, look for the access points that are in cul-de-sacs or neighborhoods. Don’t try to park along the highway. There is not enough room and it is dangerous for you and other drivers.

Big Wood River

Midges are the main course for the trout on the Wood River right now, and on warm days a smattering of Little Black Stoneflies are also in the mix. The Stonefly numbers will increase as we get closer to March as will the Midges for that matter. Anglers have the choice right now to fish wet or dry. Small Midges fished on the surface will draw strikes from feeding fish, but don’t cast midges blind, make sure you have an actively feeding target. If the fish aren’t up, or you don’t want the challenge of fishing these little dries, then fish small nymphs like Zebra’s, Brassies or any of the large variety of imitations we keep in the store at Silver Creek. If you are seeing good numbers of the Stonefly, try size 14 Prince Nymphs, Zug Bugs or Hares Ears. If you want help ask for Dave, Todd or Sam at the shop and they can show you a few artificial the fish haven’t been seeing.

Keep in mind creative access will go a long way toward putting you over fish that haven’t seen flies in a long time!

Silver Creek

The Creek is open downstream of the Hwy 20 Bridge this month for catch and release fishing, but with the exception of one small area just below the bridge the Creek is pretty much frozen over right now. If we string together a few warm days this ice should let go and the fishing could be fabulous, but keep an eye on South Valley temps and cross your fingers for multiple 40 degree days.