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Fish Bum Man Room Bat Cave

By December 5, 2011April 14th, 2018One Comment

Whatever you want to call it, we’ve all spent some time in one. Maybe even been a bit jealous, or already have one of your own? It’s a place for gear, equipment, lucky charms and animal parts. Trophies or keepsakes, all things that the better judgment of ladies won’t allow on display out in the living room. So the shrine of fishing and hunting takes refuge on the outskirts, in the low light and cold temps of a shop or garage, or anywhere it can take hold and accumulate.

The fish bum’s dive room or bat cave is a place for hanging out, sharing tales, and tipping elbows. There’s lots to talk about out here in the fragrance of curing wader repairs, wet dogs, and the bundled canvas of wall tents.
Within the decorated walls of these hangouts is where much of what is published about fly fishing is inspired and created. Photography flows from cameras to covers, slurred words are recalled and quoted into essays, and gear of various sorts catches its breath after days or weeks in the field. 
Thanks to Shauna Stephenson and Marty and Mia Sheppard for the juicy contents of the Garage-Mahal!

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