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“Most of Idaho’s numerous water users, which include – farmers, irrigators,
water managers, river runners, hydropower producers, fishers, fish managers,
ground water users, and more, should be satisfied with this year’s water supply.”
~ USDA Water Outlook Summary May 2018

The season opener is fast approaching and the outlook is promising. Silver Creek will be perfect for opening weekend and once the crowds disperse after the first few days, an angler should be able to find peace and solitude throughout the month of June. The hatch on opening weekend is always sporadic, but one should have a good selection of PMDs and Callibeatis. Of course, most flies and techniques work well the first few weeks. Looking ahead, the Brown Drake hatch on the Creek traditional occurs right around the end of May into the first two weeks of June; this will depend on the weather, so stay tuned. While forecasting the exact time the Wood will drop is difficult, it looks like the water will be clear and mostly wadable by or before the 4th of July. Hopefully, the Green Drake hatch will coincide with perfect flows this year. There is no doubt, the angling community will be more than satisfied with this year’s water supply.


With the rivers high or closed at the moment, our local reservoirs are a good option. If you go, pay close attention to the weather as wind can make fishing a reservoir treacherous. And as always, be prepared with a life preserver and a sound making device in accordance with Idaho law. Both Magic and Little Wood reservoir fish well this time of year and can be accessed either from the bank, a float tube, or a boat. Another option, would be to check out Mormon or Little Camas reservoirs. Both are smaller reservoirs and will have hold over fish from last year as well as a fresh load of stocked fish. A bit farther down the road, is the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. This fishery is managed by the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes and has three different reservoirs to pick from: Mountain View, Lake Billy Shaw, and Sheep Creek. For a small fee, you can fish all three and camping facilities are available for an addition fee. As for techniques in all locations, try pulling a team of small leech patterns in black, brown or olive on an intermediate or type 3 sinking line. Often spring trout are feeding on Daphnia, aka fresh water plankton, and a leech is a welcome meal. Also, suspending a series of nymphs at the right depth can be effective. Come on by the shop and we can set you up with the right flies and driving directions.

The Lost Below Mackay

While technically open to fishing, the flows are up to 760 CFS on the Lost and will continue to go up. It is best to wait until late summer when the flows drop below 350 CFS before fishing here again.

Big Wood, Silver Creek, and South Fork of the Boise

These rivers are closed for the season, but will open on May 26th. We can expect high water on both the Wood and South Fork, but the Creek will be in perfect condition for the opening weekend!


Silver Creek Flies: PMD Duns and Spinners | Callibeatis Duns and Spinners | Black Leeches | Pheasant Tail Nymphs 18 – 14

Stillwater Flies: Pops Buggers | Standard Olive, Black, and Brown Wooley Buggers | Stayner’s Ducktail | Sheep Creek Special | Bouface Leech | Seal Buggers | Squirrel Leech | Chironomids | Olive Scuds | Perch Imitations


The Big Lost

760 cfs