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Fishy Weather and High Water

By June 9, 2010 April 14th, 2018 No Comments


Unfortunately, our local freestones are a mixture of high flows, muddy water and dangerous wading conditions. For the time being, the Big Wood, Big Lost, Salmon River and Copper Basin are all unfishable.

Silver Creek

Fortunately, Silver Creek is fishing reasonably well despite Mother Nature’s inclement spring weather. Mid-morning PMD activity has been fair with patches of good but not great action. Look for PMDs in the afternoon/evening on both sides of the highway. Any number of patterns will be effective here whether they be duns, emergers or nymphs in sizes 14-16. A few Prairie Caddis have been seen and anglers have been having success with Baetis (sizes 18-20) throughout the day. It might be worth throwing green drake imitations as you explore the Conservancy waters this week. Try a size 12 drake and experiment with ants and beetles towards the middle of the day. As June continues, the Callibaetis should be picking up on the slack water. Arm yourself with both dun and cripple patterns (size 14-16) and aim for the wind chopped waters. Callibaetis will continue to become an increasingly important hatch as summer progresses. As of June 9, no Brown Drakes have been seen on the Creek. Next week will be different.

South Fork of the Boise

The South Fork of the Boise has fished well for many anglers and some adventurous float tubers have found moderate success on the lower Big Wood below Magic reservoir. On the South Fork of the Boise, large nymphs such as Princes and Flashback Pheasant Tails are producing as well as a variety of large attractor patterns such as Wulffs, Trudes and terrestrials. Below the Magic dam, much the same tackle should be useful in addition to olive bead-headed scuds (sizes 14-18).

Big Wood River/Big Lost/Copper Basin/Salmon River

Our freestones should become fishable in the next couple weeks but for the meantime, please take caution when walking near our rivers. With their high flows and weak banks, these rivers can be deadly in an instant for man, woman, child or dog!