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Fly Fishing Forecast 5/24-5/31

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“…perhaps the greatest satisfaction on the first day of the season is the knowledge in the evening that the whole of the rest of the season is to come.” – Arthur Ransome

It is time to prep your gear for the upcoming season. Begin by replacing old leaders and tippet spools as well as cleaning and greasing reels. Put some new laces on your wading boots and patch the pinholes in your waders. Check the bladder on your float tube and replace it if it shows signs of cracking. Pad your boxes with your favorite patterns and maybe a few new ones to try. A new season is upon us, and the rest of the season is to come!

Opening weekend is going to be very good on the Creek. After a small cold front on Friday, the weather appears to be warm and clear for the weekend. Also, with the higher flows, thanks to the enormous snowpack, we should find fish spread throughout the system. If you don’t like the crowd on the Preserve, then you might be able to find elbow room at Point of Rocks and on down to Priest Rapids. There may be a few PMDs, Baetis, and Callibeatis out during the warmest time of the day, and searching with a dry can be productive as the fish have not seen any flies since the end of November. In fact, opening weekend is a good time to try a variety of different techniques, from streamers, nymphs, to drys; the fish may be spooky, but they are less selective in June. If you go for the opener, know that is can be a very social weekend. Enjoy catching up with old friends and making new ones!

Magic and the Little Wood reservoirs are both full of water and can fish well in the newly flooded coves. You can fish from shore or a float tube with ease, just be aware of the spring winds that can make boating unsafe. Another great Stillwater option is the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. If you have a day or two, this is definitely worth the trip. This fishery is managed by the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes and has three different reservoirs to pick from: Mountain View, Lake Billy Shaw, and Sheep Creek. For a small fee, you can fish all three and camping facilities are available for an additional fee. As for techniques in all these reservoirs, try pulling a team of small leech patterns in black, brown or olive on an intermediate or type 3 or 5 sinking line. Often spring trout are feeding on Daphnia, aka freshwater plankton, and a leech is a welcome meal. Sheep Creek Specials always seem to work in Duck Valley. Also, suspending a series of nymphs or chironomids at the right depth can also be effective at both locations. Come on by the shop and we can set you up.

The flows have exceeded 1,200 CFS which is not suitable for wading. We will now need to wait until August before we see wadeable flows again on this fishery.

The flows on the Wood and all its tributaries will be too high to fish on opening day. Moderately warm weather is in the forecast for the week ahead and there is still a lot of snow to melt in the mountains. Flows are going to continue to seesaw throughout the month of June. Hopefully, by late June the water will clear enough and we can start searching some side channels for fish. In the meantime, riverside residences are preparing for more flooding.

The flows are going to be very high for the opener and may go even higher as more water continues to fill Anderson. Floating is not recommended at these levels, except by the most experienced and prepared boatman. The water is swift and cold, and a simple mistake could be fatal. Expect the fishing to be slow at best.

The Salmon

Big Lost

South Fork of the Boise

The Big Wood

Silver Creek

5110 cfs

1360 cfs

4050 cfs

2440 cfs

222 cfs

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