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Photo by Ed Northern

“August was nearly over – the month of apples and falling stars, the last care-free month for the school children. The days were not hot, but sunny and limpidly clear – the first sign of advancing autumn.”

– Victor Nekrasov

We are on the cusp of some of the best fishing of the season!

Silver Creek
The Trico hatch seems to be on the way out for the season. Still, there will be a brief spinner fall followed by decent numbers of Baetis and Callibaetis making the morning hatch a movable feast. Fly-wise, have a variety of patterns to match the Trico Duns and Spinners in size 20 to 24. Once the morning feed subsides, try Damsels or Callibaetis spinners on the few remaining surface feeders. If the wind blows, shorten your leader and try your favorite terrestrial (beetles, ants, or hoppers). Small nymphs can also be productive. Remember, while fishing in the Preserve, you are required to sign in. This can be done via your phone with the QR code posted at all access points or by texting “Visitor” to (833) 593-0682.

Big Wood
The river has cleared after last week’s heavy rain that blew out the North Fork and flows are perfect for moving about the river. The pressure is light on the Wood and the fishing has been good for smaller fish with skilled anglers finding some decent fish. In the late morning there are plenty of Tricos, micro caddis, Baetis, Rusty Spinners, and small crane flies to keep fish active. During the hot afternoons, the bugs disappear, but the fish can still be found with hoppers, ants, and nymphs. When searching for fish during the slow periods, try a small nymph in size 16 or 18 off the bend of a high floating parachute or hopper hopper and search the shallow, aerated riffles for trout.

The Upper Lost
The Upper Lost continues to fish well, especially through the middle of the day as the water warms and the bugs get active. To be successful, keep moving around to find fish that have not been pestered the day before. While these fish are opportunistic feeders and will usually give an attractor dry fly a try, they may only give you one chance. For flies, take along an assortment of your favorite attractor dry flies and nymphs as well as your standard parachute patterns and small nymphs.

The Lost Below Mackay
After a lot of up and down movement last week, the flows are now at around 193 CFS. Like all the other rivers in our region, fishing is best during the pleasant times of day when the bugs are present. While there are noticeably fewer big fish than last year, at the current flows, sight fishing for larger trout can be productive. There are also good numbers of smaller trout. If you go, be sure to have Tricos, Crane Flies, Baetis and an assortment of small nymphs.

Last week’s rain muddied the water, but it is mostly clear now. The flows are still good for floating; however, if you choose to wade fish, there are plenty of pull offs to park your car and search this wonderful fishery. Expect to find sporadic Spruce Moths and hoppers clicking throughout the day.

South Fork of the Boise
Flows remain at 1200 CFS. Drifting is still your best option with a few spots to wade along the roadside. Expect Pink Alberts midday and a variety of caddis both early and late.

Local Ponds
Lake Creek Pond, Penny Lake, and Gaver’s Lagoon have been stocked and will receive regular stockings throughout the summer season.

Big Wood: Tricos | Rusty Spinner | Chubby Chernobyl | Hopper Patterns | Juicy Stone | Duracell | Bullet French Nymph | Rain Drop Jigs | Maktima UV Jig | Bishop’s Dynamite |  Zebra Midge in black, red, or olive

Silver Creek: Tricos | Callibaetis | Baetis | Damsels | Hopper Patterns | Bullet French Nymph | DB Zebra Midge in black, red, or olive | Pine Squirrel Leech

Salmon: Hopper Patterns | Chubby Chernobyl | Spruce Moth | Duracell | Bullet French Nymph | Rain Drop Jigs | Maktima UV Jig | Pat’s Rubber Legs | Bishop’s Dynamite

Big Lost Flies: Tricos | Baetis | Crane Flies | Chubby Chernobyl | Duracell | Bullet French Nymph | Rain Drop Jigs | Maktima UV Jig | Bishop’s Dynamite |  Zebra Midge in black, red, or olive

South Fork of the Boise: Caddis | Pink Alberts | Chubby Chernobyl | Juicy Stone | Deep Cleaner | Duracell | Bullet French Nymph | Rain Drop Jigs | Maktima UV Jig | Pat’s Rubber Legs




Silver Creek 89 cfs
Big Wood 182 cfs
The Lost Below Mackay 171 cfs
Salmon 545 cfs
South Fork of the Boise 1230 cfs