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“There will be days when the fishing is better than one’s most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse. Either is a gain over just staying home.” ~Roderick Haig-Brown

If you have yet to do so, it is time to make plans for your summer fly fishing adventures. Our guides are booking fast, the fly bins are stuffed, and new gear has been stocked to meet your fishing needs. The rivers are dropping, bugs are hatching, and fish are feeding. This should prove to be the best season yet.

Silver Creek

During the long days of June, the fishing on the Creek can be good whether done during the cool of the early morning sunrise, the heat of the day, or the low light of the evening. The best part…there are very few other anglers. If you go, you will want to have a good selection of Harrop’s Baetis in size 18 and 20, PMDs is size 16, Callibaetis Duns, Spinners and Cripples in size 14 and 16, and Green Drake Duns and Cripples in size 12. Also have a good selection of ants and beetles from size 12 to 16 for when the wind puts a chop on the surface. If you stay late, have some tan and olive Caddis is size 16 and 18. You might try a Damsel nymph if you fish the Pond. So get on down to the Creek before the crowds of July and August arrive and enjoy the variety of fishing opportunities.

Big Wood and Tributaries 

The Wood is fluctuating due to the recent rains, but in general the flows are dropping and should continue to do so once the rain stops. Still, the Wood is high, so fish with caution. Focus on those areas where you can access both sides of the river without having to attempt wading across, the side channels, or above town. Some Green Drakes have been spotted up and down the river and this hatch should really get going as the weather continues to warm and the river drops. Remember, this is one of those bugs that starts on the lower to mid river and moves up river over its progression. Also, the hatch is usually a late afternoon occurrence. Be sure to have a good selection of Green Drake nymphs, cripples and dries if you happen upon it. Otherwise, fish big dries trailed by a Green Drake Nymph or other size 12 beaded nymph. Straight nymphing with either a suspender or sighter style indicator and a double nymph rig will also work. Try a Rubber Leg Stone trailed by a Green Drake, Pheasant Tail, Hares Ear, or Prince Nymph.

Upper Big Lost

While Trail Creek Pass is open, the water flows are still too high for effective fishing. It should not be too much longer as the flows follow a very similar pattern to the Wood. So as soon as the flows drop in the Valley, the higher elevation portions of the Lost will be ready.

The Lost Below Mackay

The flows are still too high at just over 1,500 CFS. It is best to wait until late summer when the flows drop below 350 CFS before fishing here again.

The Salmon

We have started to run some drift boat trips this week. While the flows are still a bit high, now is a good time to book a trip for the upcoming weeks as we are just starting to see some Salmon flies hatching. This is great big bug water and the next few weeks are going to be spectacular. Be sure to take an assortment of large Stimulators and Salmon flies as well as standard beaded nymphs and large Stone Fly Nymphs.

South Fork of the Boise

The flows are currently at 1780 CFS which is on the high side for wading but a decent level for floating. A few Salmon Flies have been sighted in the Canyon Stretch of this river and the fishing here will get better over the next couple weeks as this hatch moves up stream. If you go, have an assortment of heavy rubber legged stone fly nymphs for the riffles and some big foamy dries for working the banks.

Local Ponds

Gavers Lagoon, Penny, and Lake Creek ponds have been stocked and would make a great location for a family picnic. Come on by the shop for all your family fishing needs!


Both Magic and Little Wood reservoir fish well this time of year and can be accessed either from the bank, a float tube, or a boat. As for techniques, try pulling a team of small leech patterns in black, brown or olive on an intermediate or type 3 sinking line. Also, suspending a series of nymphs at the right depth can be effective. Come on by the shop and we can set you up with the right flies and driving directions.

Warm Springs

Warm Springs is good option right now. While still high, it is more wadable than the Wood at its current flow of around 150 CFS. While there is a good population of wild fish in this river, Fish and Game does stock around the bridges.  These fish are put there for you to take, please put the wild ones back. Try fishing big dries like Royal Stimulators or Parachute Hare’s Ears in tandem with a large beaded Pheasant Tail, Prince Nymph, or Green Drake nymphs. Streamers, like Black, Olive, or Brown Woolly Buggers in size 8 or 10 are also very effective this time of year. Of course, double nymph rigs with an indicator, like a Thingamabobber, will produce. Try a big a Rubber Leg Stone followed by a Green Drake Nymph, a Prince Nymph, a Rainbow Warrior, or Bishop ‘s Dynamite.

Silver Creek Flies: Green Drakes 12 | PMDs 16 | Beatis 18 | Callibeatis 16 | Damsel Nymphs | Zebra Midge in black, red, or olive 16,18 | Pheasant Tails 16,18

Big Wood, Warm Springs, Big Lost, Salmon River Flies: Green Drakes 12 | Stimulators | Chubby Chernobyl | Rubber Legged Stones | Caddis Larva | King Prince | Streamers

South Fork of the Boise Flies: Rubber Legged Stones | Zebra Midge | Caddis Larva | Flash Back Pheasant tails | King Prince | Streamers

Stillwater Flies: Pops Buggers | Standard Olive, Black, and Brown Wooley Buggers | Stayner’s Ducktail | Sheep Creek Special | Bouface Leech | Seal Buggers | Squirrel Leech | Chironomids | Olive Scuds | Perch Imitations

Silver Creek
Big Wood
Upper Big Lost
The Big Lost
South Fork of the Boise
117 cfs
932 cfs
1,080 cfs
1,040 cfs
2,420 cfs
1,110 cfs