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Fly Fishing Forecast June 22nd – 29th

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“The man who coined the phrase, ‘Money can’t buy you happiness,’ never bought himself a good fly rod.” ~ Reg Baird

The more you fish, the more you can appreciate the craftsmanship of a fine rod and reel. We want to make it easy for you to get your hands on the latest, greatest from Winston, Scott, Sage, Hardy, Waterworks-Lamson, or Hatch. Bring in your your used rod and reel to trade in and trade up. It is simple…we will give you a fair market credit on your old gear towards the purchase of a new rod or reel. For more info on how our Tackle Trade In, Trade Up program works check out this link: www.silver-creek.com/tackle-trade-in

June on the Creek can be a roll of the dice. Some days produce excellent bug activity, and others not so much. If you go into the Pond section or the Slough, have a good selection of Callibaetis and Damsels. For the upper reaches, there can be some PMDs action with a few Green Drakes in the mix. Always have Baetis no matter where and when you fish. Of course, beetles and ants are a good windy day option. We have a great selection of flies to cover all these hatches, so drop by the shop before heading down.

Flows are around 850 CFS at the moment and the clarity is good. There are some side channels where an angler can find a few willing fish on both dries and nymphs. Really, anywhere you can find some soft water you will find trout. The problem is there is really no crossing the river and the fishable spots are far and few between. If you do step into the water, wade with caution! And always have on your wading belt. Keep an eye out as the Green Drakes could really get started any day now; be sure to have plenty of Green Drake flies in all the relevant stages.  This river is really going to come into shape the first half of July!

1700 CFS is a perfect flow for floating. There have been some Salmon flies throughout the system; just enough to really get the fish excited. This hatch should continue to build momentum as the week progresses.  Also, caddis are very strong in the mornings and evenings. This is a great time to be on this river for big dry enthusiasts. Be sure to have plenty of big foam bugs (Cicadas and Salmon flies) for working the banks and a good selection of Trailing Shuck Caddis and traditional Elk Hair Caddis in brown and olive sizes 18 to 14.

We have started floating the Salmon and the next month should be really good with big attractor patterns working the banks. Be sure and book this trip early as we have a limited number of launches per day.

Flows have dropped to 550 CFS. This is still too high. Once the flows drop below 350 CFS in late July, early August, this river will be ready to fish again.

All the headwaters of the Lost are still too high to fish. This area typically follows the same pattern as the Wood. Once the upper Wood north of Ketchum drops, clears, and becomes fishable, the upper reaches of the Lost will follow suit.

This is a good time to take the family to Lake Creek, Penny Lake, or Gaver’s Lagoon. All the ponds have been stocked and will receive regular stockings throughout the summer season. Whatever style of fishing you want to do, we are your headquarters. So drop on by before you take your family fishing and we will make sure you have the right gear to be successful.


Silver Creek

Big Wood

South Fork of the Boise

The Salmon

The Big Lost

93 cfs

784 cfs

1720 cfs

1550 cfs

544 cfs

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