“As the temperature begins to cool and the sun gradually loses intensity, the dance begins. Gracefully rising and dipping over streamside vegetation, the big mayfly spinners signal the beginning of a fly-fishing drama that will be played out past sunset, and on some occasions well into darkness.  – Rene Harrop

The dance of the Brown Drakes on the lower Creek signals the onset of summer. Their ephemeral existence match with their uncanny predictability makes them particularly coveted by anglers and trout alike. With perfect weather in the forecast, the stage is set. Let the drama begin.

Silver Creek
The creek is fishing well. The onset of consistent warm weather has made the fishing somewhat predictable. Up and down the Creek you can expect PMDs along with a few Callibaetis and Baetis hatching in the afternoon. The fish are already getting more selective, so bring your “A” game with long, light leaders and dead-on drifts. Also, the Brown Drake hatch is expected to get rolling this week. This means there will be good numbers of anglers lining the Creek down in the Willows and Point of Rocks area waiting for the dance to begin. If you decide to join in fun remember to be kind and respectful to your fellow anglers. Also, be sure to have a variety of patterns to match the hatch including nymphs, cripples, spinners, and duns. Heads up… the visitor’s cabin in the Preserve is closed. To sign in, use the QR code posted at each access and follow the prompts.

The Big Wood
The flows on the Wood peaked at over 1,000 CFS last week but seem to be dropping already. By the middle of the month, the river should be wadable again. We are still expecting perfect flows and Green Drakes around the 15th of June. In the meanwhile, this is a good time to search the side channels. A good approach would be to stay mobile and hit a few easy access areas with nymphs or streamers as you move up and down the valley. You may also try Warm Springs as this tributary is typically the first to drop and fish well. As always be careful wading and always wear a wading belt.

The Big Lost Upper
Trail Creek Pass is now open and the Upper Lost is high just like the Wood. If you go, you will find a lot of wildflowers, green valleys, and a few spots slow enough to drift a fly. We are still a few weeks away from easily wading and moving about the river.

The Big Lost Lower
The flows are up above 400 CFS. It would be best to wait until the flows drop a bit for all but the hardiest wade fishers. We expect the flows to drop sooner than later. Stay tuned.

The Salmon
The flows are up, but expert boaters are still floating. Wait to go wade fishing until the runoff subsides over the next two weeks. If you go, nymphing is the most productive. Hopefully, by mid-June we will see some large stoneflies fluttering about.

Southfork of the Boise
Flows are perfect for drift boat anglers at 1,200 CFS. During the day, try big bugs like rubber legged stones and anything foam tight to the bank. The caddis in the evenings have been spectacular if you decide to stay until dark.

Stillwater Options
Magic, Mackay, and the Little Wood reservoirs can be fished either from shore or from a float tube; however, please be aware of the spring winds that can make boating/ tubing unsafe. As for techniques in all these reservoirs, try pulling a team of small leech patterns in black, brown or olive on an intermediate or type 3 or 5 sinking line. Also, suspending a series of nymphs or chironomids at the right depth can also be effective.

Big Wood, Big Lost, and South Fork of the Boise: Chubby Chernobyl | Iron Lotus | SRS Bullet French Nymph | Duracell Jig 12-18 | Jake’s Perdigon 14-18 | Tungsten Nemec Stone | Pat’s Rubber Legs | Stone Daddy | Bishop’s Dynamite | DB Zebra Midge in black, red, or olive | King Prince

Silver Creek: Brown Drake Patterns | PMD | Callibaetis | Baetis | Griffiths Gnats | Parachute Midge | Iron Lotus | SRS Bullet  | French Nymph | Jake’s Perdigon 14-18 | DB Zebra Midge in black, red, or olive

Stillwater Flies: Seal Buggars | Balanced Leeches | Bouface Leech | Snowcone Chironomids | Egg Patterns | Prince Nymph | Squirmy Worms


Silver Creek
Big Wood
The Big Lost
South Fork of the Boise
Salmon River
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