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June 4th – 11th

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While many of our freestone rivers are still mostly high and off color, the fishing opportunities we do have are quite good; Silver Creek, The South Fork and our local stillwaters are all fishing well.

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Brown Drakes

There are still some Brown Drakes left on the Lower Creek around the Willows and Point of Rocks, but this hatch has peaked and is already waning. In the Nature Conservancy the fishing has been good all day with the best action between10 am and 1pm. During this time you can expect to see a few PMDs and decent numbers of Baetis. I have even seen a few Callibaetis Duns and Spinners. The surface activity is sporadic, so it is best to target specific fish and work them with a variety of patterns. Pay close attention to which bugs are present and watch the rise form of the trout you are targeting for clues on what to tie on. If there is little to no surface activity, beetles and ants will take fish as well as using a dry dropper with a small red, black, brown, or olive Zebra midge or small Baetis nymph like a Pheasant Tail or an Iron Lotus in size 16-20. A low and slow stripped leech will also work. The newly restored areas in Kilpatrick Pond are fishing very well and are definitely worth exploring. Also, there have been decent Callibaetis duns and spinners on Sullivan’s Slough. Fishing is best when there is a slight  wind chop on the surface. Target the areas around the springs and fish like a Heron.

The flows on this stretch of river are too dangerous to wade. It may be end of July or into August before we can venture into this fishery.

The Wood north of Ketchum is flowing a little over 400 CFS and has begun to clear; this is a good sign. We still have a while to wait for the Wood below Warm Springs, Trail Creek and the East Fork to drop and clear but we are right on track to have a great Green Drake hatch which will coincide with wadable and clear water by the end of June into July.

The flows are still perfect for wade fishing at 300 CFS and they may be this way for a few more days. It is a rare treat to be able to fish the South Fork since typically flows are somewhere
between 1,000 to 3,000 CFS this time of year. However, before you go, check the USGS water flows as Anderson is just about full. The caddis have been thick in the early to late evenings and a persistent dry fly angler will find plenty of rising fish. To match this hatch, and fool these wily trout, have a variety of patterns, drys and emergers, in tan and brown in sizes 16 and 18. If you are not finding the surface feeders, the riffles are full of trout and white fish. Drifting caddis larva, large stoneflies, and small nymphs can produce a lot of action. Some Salmon Flies have also been seen in the lower reaches and the hatch may just get going and then be thwarted by the high flows that are being forecasted later this week. Remember this area is only open from sunrise to sunset; no overnight camping allowed.

Magic has been fishing best early and late. There are some Callibaetis and good numbers of midge. You will have some success fishing static with nymphs and buzzers dangling from an indicator. Pulling flies, like a Pops Bugger or standard Leeches can also be effective on a type 3 or 5 sinking line. A little further down the road, Duck Valley is also fishing well this spring.

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“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” – John Buchan